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    Default Re: Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire, Mk. XXVII: God Has Nothing to do With This

    Quote Originally Posted by Gez View Post
    Don't worry. The rule in DD is that (past a certain point) every arc is worse than its predecessors, so you know that, as bad as the rest of the Erossus City arc is, it's not as bad as it'll be much later.
    What have I gotten myself into? And I know the faintest mist of an understanding about the horrible monstrosity that is Maltak. I fear for my brain.

    Analysing Dominus Deegan

    The Golden Age*
    A Frail Hope of Adequate Enjoyment
    21/05/2002 - 17/07/2002 Arcs covered: Oracle for Hire, The Curse
    The First Signs of Serious Psychological Issues Appear
    18/07/2002 - 4/12/2002 Arcs covered: The Curse, Luna, Into the Woods
    In Which Teh Great Dominus Indulges in Torture and Terrifies Me
    5/12/2002 - 21/02/2003 Arcs covered: Into the Woods, Couch Forts and Crying
    Dominatrix Luna. Oh, and The Dominus is More Feared Than A Necromancer
    22/01/2003 - 11/03/2003 Arcs covered: Makeover!, Mob Mentality
    Thing Are Looking Up
    12/03/2003 - 30/04/2003 Arcs covered: Visions of Doom Parts One and Two
    Siggy Is Iesus. Make of That What You Will
    01/05/2003 -23/06/2003 Arcs covered: Visions of Doom Parts Three and Four
    The Great Dominus Is Officially A Marty Stue an It's THRILLER! THRILLER NIGHT!
    24/06/2003 - 19/08/2003 Arcs covered: Visions of Doom Parts Five and Six
    Character Development! And We Conclude an Arc
    20/08/2003 - 10/09/2003 Arcs covered: Visions of Doom Parts Seven and Eight
    Short Arc Is Short
    11/09/2003 - 21/10/2003 Arcs covered: The Party

    The Tarnished Age

    Hell Is Meaningless Filler
    23/10/2003 - 20/11/2003 Arcs covered: The Ecstasy and the Evil Part One
    Kink + Dominus Deegan = Eye and Brain Bleach
    11/11/2003 - 16/12/2003 Arcs covered: The Ecstasy and the Evil Parts Two and Three
    Inflatable Boobs and Sex! Occasional Plotting Is Permitted
    17/12/2003 - 30/01/2004 Arcs covered: The Ecstasy and the Evil Parts Four and Five

    Enter: Deus Ex Machina! And Boobs.
    31/01/2005 - 19/04/2004 Arcs covered: The Ecstasy and the Evil Parts Six and Seven

    So Stunt's going to beat the Dominus to death because . . . because. When all of a sudden an edge of consciousness vision! How many kinds of vision can a Seer have? Induced vision, natural vision, dream vision, artificially induced vision, edge of consciousness vision, iont visions, vision for the sake of voyeurism; any more for any more?
    And so the Dominus shouts at Stunt (who has some very good reasons for holding a grudge) and terrifies Stunt into stopping. I love how faintly regretful he looks as he admits to overlooking an Infernomancer out to kill them all. Pretty big oversight that isn't it oh Great Dominus.
    But it works, and the Dominus exploits Stunt's misogyny to concoct a flimsily transparent, yet utterly foolproof plan. Why is the guard more concerned about the tied-up Seer than the loose and dangerous robber?
    Hey look! King Kong shout out in panel 3! I love the misguided gender politics between the two sisters. Lady Amelia thinks a relationship is all about sex. Luna is currently afraid of physical intimacy, and hasn't really engaged in anything beyond kissing.
    Thing is, they're both in loving relationships. Admittedly, Lady Amelia is going to murder Szark, but there is some affection there. Boob update: Lady Amelia's have increased yet again.
    Thought: Lady Amelia wants Luna dead. Luna is currently helpless. Stab. Her. To. Death. Now. You'll save us the agony of watching the non-growth of a 2D character.
    Evil gloating: the downfall of many a two-bit villain.
    Still, at least Luna believes in someone other than herself. The Dominus is her one true love. He is her light. Her everything. She is utterly dependent upon her. Lady Amelia even points out her idolising ways.
    Lady Amelia's plan is stupid. Stab. Her. Now. Yourself! Or get Bumper to do it. Boob update: Lady Amelia's right breast in p.4 is horribly, horribly deformed. It looks triangular. They are also larger again than they were a few pages ago. (Why is it that I'm forced to keep a boob update? Art should be vaguely consistent page to page and panel to panel. Mookie's boobs are not.) And in the next page they've shrunk slightly and are saggier.
    Stunt is correct by the way. The Dominus is an embarrassment. Naturally, he gets his revenge by making fun of the number of people trying to kill Stunt. People who're trying to kill him because of you oh might Dominus. Speaking of Sucky McFail Guard, his hair in p.3 is awful. It looks as if a spike is growing right out of his head. Shame that.
    AAAAAAHHHHH!!! Bad colouring! What's it done with? Felt tips and crayons? Oh, and now Stunt has dark skin. Even though in black and white he looks exactly the same as Luna. I know, I know, it's difficult to do in this particular colouring style, but you could indicate he was from a different country by, I don't know, a tattoo or different hair style. And I don't think most people have hair the exact same colour as their skin.
    And for the record: hypno-eyes are golden eyes.
    [[I have now read five hundred pages of Dominus Deegan. It's been going downhill the past one hundred and forty odd pages.]]
    Oh right. Rape as drama. Fun. Best part is: Lady Amelia is raping two people at once. I bet Bumper's going to get all the blame for this, even though he's under mind control.
    So the Dominus attempts to suffocate Bumper as the best way of stopping him. I was right: Lady Amelia date-raped her own sister. Do you think she gets off on this? Hooray for rape as a plot device that won't get mentioned at all aftr about thirty pages!
    Anyway! Lord Sturtz has awesome sideburns. Szark looks vaguely like a piratical zombie. And there are whores at a duel to the death. Such is like in FornicaSin City.
    Szark does have a point though. All the duels are fully legal. Gasp! Mr. and Mrs. Deegan are here!
    I am disturbed by the fact that you could tusk-ify Mrs. Deegan and end up with a slightly wrinkly Luna. I call Oedipal Complex! Mr. Deegan doesn't look all that bad even though he has no fingers or thumbs.
    I love how they think throwing a cat out of the window is on a par with pre-meditated murder and assault. Another case of Self-centred Deeganism.
    I see that "esteemed guests" means deus ex machina in the Dominiverse. I hereby dub Donovan Elanovan. Apparently the Deegans are uber-famous magical swordspeople. Hooray. The Dominus comes from a privileged family; no wonder he has entitlement issues and a self-centred world view. He's entitled. Points though for living in a "pauper"'s home in Lynne's Brook though. At least he tried to live a normal life.
    Boob (and clothing) update: firstly, that outfit is the most idiotic I've seen for a long time. And I watch anime on a semi-regular basis. At least we know Lady Amelia goes commando. For once Lady AMelia's clothes aren't boob-fitting, and look almost plausible.
    Venus de Seer sums up a stupid plan. But he is now Evil because he's going to frame Stunt for the Dominus' death. Why is it that I feel more sympathetic towards Stunt and Bumper than the Dominus and Luna. Luna who was iust roofied. It's bad characterisation if I can't really feel sympathy for a woman who was nearly raped.
    Stunt gets a Big Damn Anti-Heroes moment and, I think, is iustified in calling Venus de Seer a fruitcake. He's almost as camp as Szark!
    Stunt then knocks out Venus de Seer in one the most awesome moments in the comic so far. Others I count are the entirety of Iacob's appearance in the comic so far and Gregory's torching of TIM.
    Stunt proves he's smart as well as strong when he shows that he knows how to counteract a date-rape drug. Stunt has a point when he reacts to the Dominus' glare. Stunt is a thief, violent and misogynistic, and wants to kill the DOminus (but really, who amongst us doesn't?); but he won't rape women.
    Wot. Mookie is lampshading his own poor writing. It's lovely to see how an adult magician relies on his parents (and his best friend's daddy) to save his rear.
    Boob update: Lady Amelia is Cruella de Ville, but with enormous (again) boobies. And I think it's Mrs. Deegan that's the deus ex machina. But it's time for our climatic confrontation! Nice to see Lady Amelia's plan have as many in-universe unfortunate implications as there are out-universe ones.
    YOu know, it'd be nice to see Elanovan's pink coat. Still, I like him. Ah. In the Dominiverse "Archmage" = deus ex machina.
    Weeee Extendo-Glove. Shame about Mrs. Deegan though. I hope it's not another illusion or magical spell. I like TIM. Look at that cool smirk. Yeah, the Dominus does look better without the glasses.
    Oh. I was wrong, Karnak wanted Mrs. Deegan dead. But an Archmage has a grenade heart as a soul iar.
    Dammit. Illusion. Hold on a second: "I can see right through [illusions]." I guess the Dominus was being arrogant when he implied he could see through all illusions. On the other hand, we see that toying with people's emotions by causing them to think you're dead (see Into the Woods) is a family trait. Oh, and it's a recycled plot element. Still, it's fairly cool, so it scrapes a pass.
    For the record, most illusions appear to be hard light holograms a la Red Dwarf, which luckily explains how an illusion could have a grenade heart.
    For the record, iust in case we haven't understood yet, Lady Amelia is Evil. Boob update: we can't see them. First time for everything. Those hair spikes are really annoying me. They make her look like a demon. Subtle. Furthermore, how can a spell cast by a fifth level Archmage be broken by a magically trained noblewoman?
    Whore update: Lady Amelia's outfit has absolutely no back. At all. Iust in case you haven't understood that Evil people have Evil sex. Oh, and eveyrone in the entire room let an attempted murderess, rapist and enabler of DEMONS walk away scot-free!! THE HELL!?
    In other weird art news: the moon has a sad face, and Mama Deegan is pulling off a Batman pose. And Elanovan has a cool sword.
    A new vision-type! Looking into the past. A Seer is meant to see the future. Or (as we have seen back from Spark's spying in Lady Amelia's stufy) by touching something related to the person in question. So being a Seer is a plot device to pull relevant information out of the rear of the author.
    Yeah, Lady Amelia has demon hair. Also: ominous shadow as the two morally ambiguous thieves (who secretly love one another, but are too afraid to confess it) deal with the issue of letting a mass murderer run free.
    Have I mentioned how much I like Stunt and Bumper? Because Bumper now has his moment of excellence. By killing a master planner stone dead. He even seems to regret the murder a little. (Mookie's record of drawing dead women with their tongues sticking out is still 100%)
    And then Mookie ruins all the awesome by drawing Lady Amelia's corpse in a sexually suggestive pose. Because a 'pleasure princess' can't have any dignity in death either! Because Evil people who have Evil sex are Evil.
    And Stunt has character development! He's going to help Luna and the Dominus! Even though they've repeatedly assaulted, tortured and been generally mean to the two poor thieves.
    Szark shows some nobility, but because people in KinkSin City are morally ambiguous they all die. Szark is awesome. He iust attacked TIM - an Infernomancer armed with the Power Glove of the Demon Lord! - with a sword. Oh, and now Szark is possessed by someone.
    Probably Karnak.
    Lord Sideburn's first name is Lars. And yeah. Szark is Karnak now. Karnak is pretty awesome too. He engineered all this in order to incarnate himself. I present to you, the Chessmaster of the Dominiverse! Plus now when they attack Karnak they attack Szark. Oh,and while Elanovan fights Szark TIM gets to kill the Dominus.
    I like Karnak.
    Why is it that all my favourite character so far are all Evil, Evil with a motive or morally ambiguous.
    Who is Nimmel? Why does he look like the Dominus cross-dressing in a white mage's outfit, but with Black Mage's hat? Is this the Nimmel who's going to be in the arc punnily titled 'A Nimmel House'?
    Eh? What? So wearing the Power Gloves frees you from Karnak? And TIM reioices by trying to kill the Dominus. I can see why.
    Not an illusion. Because Stunt and Bumper are awesome. I wonder how Stunt knew that? Anywho, I'm waiting for Luna's inevtable breakdown. Because after an attempted date-rape by her own sister, I think one's fully iustified.
    If this page was released a year later, I'd call a massive rip-off of Avatar: The Last Airbender. But it's not, so it's fairly cool. Still cool. Shame about the small hole in the plan. I'm wondering how many anime shows those few comics ripped off.
    Answer: lots.
    Christ. Two deus ex machina by the same person! Within fifty pages of each other! With a Good Omens rip-off to boot! For those of you who haven't read it, there is a character called Azrael with ""wings of night, wings that were shapes cut through the matter of creation into the darkness underneath" (pg. 344), I also get flashes of Arael from Reaper Man as well. And of Astfgl from FaustEric!
    I'm guessing that Mookie is a Discworld fan too.
    It's still pretty cool despite the BLATANT RIP-OFFS.
    However, I think sending TIM to an outer dimension full of chaos, horror and a staring eye isn't exactly the smartest thing to do.
    I have lost all faith in Karnak. Stupid defeat. Fastest character decay ever.
    But there's a midly funny punchline. And I am validated in calling Mr. Deegan Elanovan. Lord Sideburns is a little ditzy too. But they're having fun.
    And yet despite having a fifth-level deus ex machina Archmage present, the Dominus is the only one who can save us all.

    This arc is pretty poor, and filled with rip-offs and unfortunate implications (even though the latter is iustified), but the cool moments are some of the coolest so far.
    Excluding Iacob's entire appearance naturally.
    My favourie characters are Stunt and Bumper, but Elanovan is charming. Deus ex machina is blatant, and overused. Twice in forty odd pages.
    And we need our mandatory Heroic Iesus moment from the Dominus, so that's coming up next.

    *Ages as defined by Trazoi here.

    Next up!
    The Dominus is going to make out with Karnak.

    In summary: everyone ever is Hot for the Dominus.
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