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    Jeanne looks over the strange group, mentally filing away their quirks and mannerisms. "Sid Aimes, scoundrel and lawman's son... how does the human phrase go? 'As honest as the preacher's son?' Oh, cruel irony."

    "Brandon Bor. Stereotypical human. Strong, simpleton, and unnecessarily violent. Attractive. Could be a real gentleman with proper training."

    "Stefan Reinhardt. Simple and physically average. Pretty eyes. Why do humans hide beauty behind steel masks? Elven armor accentuates beauty, not obscure it."

    "Nathros. Dwarf. Poor, strong, smells like dirt. Dwarf."

    Jeanne approaches Brandon with a sour look on her face. "Did the flower offend you, sir? Flowers should be appreciated not asphyxiated."


    Jeanne "by the River" as she calls herself is an elven woman who lives in a simple camp near the edge of Threshold. She's broader and stronger than the average elf but otherwise unremarkable in appearance for her race (which, by proxy of being an elf, is still quite pleasing to those who enjoy fair features and pointed ears). She keeps her auburn hair short cropped and speaks little, preferring to listen and watch with her piercing green eyes.
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