Sid "The Sneak" Aimes

At Jeanne's approach, Sid slid back to allow the more socially adept to interact with her. What else is going to show up, out here?

He scanned the road again, didn't see anyone, then his gaze landed on the manor's gate. He sniffed distractedly at Brandon's fingers while pointing at the gate. "Uh, huh. Who cares? Hey, what's taking these guys so long? Maybe his door guy's taking a break? Do you think he'd be mad if we just let ourselves in?"

Bored and not wanting to miss out on whatever opportunity this Lord Bost is apparently pulling names out of a hat to choose participants for, Sid approached the gate. He'd be looking through it for someone approaching, if possible, seeing if it's unlocked, if no one is visible, reaching for an appropriate lockpicking tool, if it's locked, stuff like that.