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    Default Re: [Creatures] I'm eating you for your own good.

    Hunter Worm added. Be sure to fix yourself a burger or some tacos to eat while reading it

    Quote Originally Posted by sigurd View Post
    Love the pureflies.

    I imagine they'd be something like Magical Vermin rather than beasts though.
    If a creature has any supernatural ability it becomes a magical beast. Ignore the Fiend Folio.

    Nitpick: The leeches should have Int -, not Int 0, otherwise they are incapacitated. Also your description leaves off amusingly, "They have been bred hundreds of years to ANESTHETIZE."

    Certain types of maggots will eat dead tissue from a wound without burrowing into the skin or bothering the living tissue, even kill bacteria in some cases. They might be a good candidate for helping to heal wounds or increase natural regeneration or something.
    Isn't that what they're doing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuma Kode View Post
    .... There are a surprising lack of beneficial creatures in the Monster Manuals. Thank you for remedying that situation.
    Here are a few more you might have interest in:

    Arcadian Holly
    Elysium Orchid
    Pureborn Beast
    Wellspring Newt
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