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    Default The Gates of Heaven: Giving Celestia the Dicefreaks Treatment

    The Gates of Heaven: A Community Homebrewing Project

    There have been several threads in the Roleplaying Games forum in the past few days concerning Asmodeus, his power level, his origins, the Lower Planes' relationship to the Upper Planes, and so forth, culminating in a thread asking why Celestia doesn't get the same attention and treatment as Baator and the Abyss. After a bit of a tangent discussing the Dicefreaks treatment of Baator (the nine-part Gates of Hell PDF) and the fact that Dicefreaks' own Upper Planes project has seemingly been stalled indefinitely, it was suggested that the homebrewers here take on the project of doing the same for Celestia (and, if things turn out well and there's enough enthusiasm, possibly other planes as well).

    That's where you come in, homebrewers. This thread is to be a place for interested parties to join the project, suggest topics to cover, call dibs on particular aspects they want to brew, and otherwise contribute to the project. Here's what we've decided to address thus far:
    • Stat up the Hebdomad, the seven-archon council in charge of Celestia.
    • Explore the Hebdomad's personalities, goals, etc.
    • Stat up any minor Powers mentioned in the lore and/or create new ones to fit.
    • Re-stat the existing archons to make their power level and capabilities more in line with the devils and demons of roughly equal purpose and CR.
    • Explore archons' and Celestia's relationship with the Prime, the other Upper Planes, and the Lower Planes.
    • Look at the nature of Lawful Good, Celestia's particular philosophies, and such to improve on the BoED take on things.
    • Brew up PrCs for mortal aspirants/worshipers, feats for archons, and other pertinent homebrew.

    Basically, if you're familiar with the Gates of Hell, Frank and K's Tome of Fiends, or other drastically-expand-the-flavor-and-background-and-rejigger-the-stats projects, you have an idea of what we're planning on doing.

    A Note on Canonicity
    The goal is to stick as close to the existing D&D lore as much as possible, so familiarity with 2e Planescape and 3e planar material on the celestials (such as it is) is desirable. However, don't feel constrained by this or hesitant due to lack of canon familiarity; you can always stat things up, provide suggestions, and so forth and let the Planescape buffs tie things together. Also, we will be avoiding the issue of the creation story, Jazirian, Asmodeus, and such as much as possible so as to allow people with differing takes on that to work on this project together without arguments getting in the way. As I proposed in the other thread, the best route is to express the general opinion of the archons regarding the origin of the Wheel with something along these lines:
    Long ago, the universe was shaped. The devils spread propaganda about those days; the demons lie in any words that pass their lips; the daemons claim to agree with whatever theory is espoused by those in their company with which they wish to ingratiate themselves. The Lords of the Nine and the Hebdomad know the truth, and use that truth in their plans against their opposites, but the seven rulers of the Seven Mounting Heavens do not dwell on what was and what could have been. Regardless of the Lord of the Ninth's identity, regardless of the plots that rise from the depths of Hells, it is every archon's duty to advance the cause of Good against the devils wherever they rear their ugly heads.
    ...and leave determination of truth or falsehood of a given myth to individual DMs who use the material.

    So without further ado, let's get homebrewing! I'm not "in charge" of this by any means, just the one who got the ball rolling, so feel free to speak your mind on any aspect of this and don't feel you have to ask permission to 'brew anything.

    PairO'Dice Lost
    The Tygre

    Completed Materials Index
    Courtesy of The Tygre

    Lantern Archons
    The Lanterns of Virtue - Lantern Archon Variants by Eldan
    Hound Archons
    - Bloodhound & Foxhound by Iamyourking
    - Greyhound Archon by Iamyourking
    - Retriever Archon by LOTRfan
    Legion Archon by Iamyourking
    The Archon High Castes by Iamyourking

    The Valorhammer by LOTRfan
    The Spiral Archon by Iamyourking (Note: The Spiral Archon has no place in the established Archon hierarchy and is entirely silly to boot. It is here because it would be a shame to let any monster go to waste. )

    The Hebdomad and Powers
    Barachiel by Sir_Chivalry
    - Stats by Unosarta
    Azrael, Jophiel, and Melchizedek by Iamyourking
    Melchior, Sachiel, and Duma by Eldan
    Anorath, Azalon, and Leantes by blackjack217

    The Celestial Hierarchy
    Part I by PairO'Dice Lost
    Part II by Iamyourking

    Lunia by Eldan

    The Blessed Soul [Celestial Warlock variant] by blackjack217

    Staff of the Heavenly Seer by Unosarta

    Other Materials
    Abridged Gates of Hell by Iamyourking
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