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I actually started doing something like this myself, although it never got into a form that could be posted. However, I was using the classic Seraphim (along with Metatron and Sandalphon) to represent the highest echelons while relegating the Hebdomad to Cherub status. Still, I like Angels and Archons just as much as I do Devils and would be happy to provide what I already had written in addition to my efforts.
Anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated; if nothing else, we could say the Seraphim are simply alternate names by which mortals know the Hebdomad and use them as-is. In fact, collecting any material that's already been posted here would probably help as well, if anyone wants to do that.

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I'm willing to help with personalities and stats for the archons; also what if we aren't familiar with the Gates of Hell or Tome of Fiends?
You don't really have to know that much about them; I was referring to the format and type of material contained therein moreso than the actual stats. You can download the PDFs and take a look at their templates to see what sorts of things are done to get the Hebdomad stats, but you don't need to be all that familiar with them.

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Gates of Hell can be found at good ol' DiceFreaks. We might also be willing to salvage some stuff from A Light From on High if the old bloods will let us. Tome of Fiends is by Green Ronin; you can still get it PDF just about anywhere and print from LuLu. I -highly- recommend getting it, even if you have no investment in this project. It's on of the best, most vile, detailed, and flavorfully written monster books in all of d20, easily outweighing Fiend Folio.
In fact, the Tome of Fiends I was referring to was the Frank and K version from WotC and the Gaming Den, since it's free to download like Gates of Hell is. I would still second Green Ronin's PDF, though I wasn't aware it was legally available for download.

Now before I agree to anything, what's this 'minor power' stuff here?
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I'd imagine things like the Cherubim or Thrones; powerful entities in their own right that serve the higher powers.
That's right. Just like there are Dukes of Hell, there would be classifications of archons between the major Powers in charge of the various layers and aspects of Celestia and the run-of-the-mill archons.