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    Ten Wings Carrion Vulture
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human Abyssal Exalted
    Age: 25 (spent 4 years in the Underworld which passed equivalently to... about 23 hours in Nexus time)

    Carrie has been changed a lot by becoming an Abyssal. Her usual manageable pallor has become the grey paleness of death; broken blood vessels around her eyes form spiderwebby marrings of her face. She carries a soulsteel dahu that also functions as a grand goremaul.

    Carrie's iconic anima display forms into eight additional wings of roiling black.

    Spoiler: .
    Carrie Andrews

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human Blightwalker.
    Age: 22
    Alignment: TN/NG
    Description: Carrie is about 5'4", pale and with dull black hair to match her shaggy black wings. Her eyes are a warm amber hue, and she's fairly thin where before she was more slender; a figure that had modest curves now tends more toward scrawniness. Her pretty face is marked by scars; one extends down from the outside corner of her left eye. There are more, including a diagonal one starting by her left shoulder, going across her sternum, and ending on her right side at her bony ribs.

    Weapons/Equipment/Items: Not much.

    Abilities: Blightwalker stuff.
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