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Before we focus on any of the players/characters, we need to look at positions and organization. I also highly recommend making some distinctions between the different Good outsiders: we have Archons, Guardinals, and Eladrin, plus Angels. That feels very over-Killy to me, but I'm odd and I realize evil has 4. But a distinctive note on the different structure is good.
One thing to note is that the fiends have devils (LE), daemons (NE), gehreleths (N[C]E), and demons (CE), while the aasimon have archons (LG), guardinals (NG), eladrin (CG), and angels (any good), so it's not entirely symmetrical. With the angels being "above" (or at least outside) the organization of any given Upper Plane, at least mentioning them or taking them into account somehow in the Celestia writeup would be a good idea.