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    Default Re: The Gates of Heaven: Giving Celestia the Dicefreaks Treatment

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    Gehreleths are also a very small species related to the lower castes of the yugoloths (they were made by a crazy baernoloth).

    While Solars are a distinct group above archons, eladrins, and guardinals.

    That's a pretty big difference.
    That too. The important point is that angels can be found in Celestia and do things for LG Powers, but they aren't native to Celestia and aren't subject to those Powers' rule in particular, so while they wouldn't be part of the main writeup they should definitely be mentioned where appropriate.
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    Darn you PoDL for making me care about a bunch of NPC Commoners!
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    I'm pretty sure turning Waterdeep into a sheet of glass wasn't the best win condition for that fight. We lived though!
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