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    I figured it would be fun to join in.
    Sadly I don´t really have any epic moments from current D&D game to share, so I hope you don´t mind one from a warhammer game.

    Among those you belong

    Wolfhart looked up at the rising moons as he walked back towards the tavern. Why he had agreed to help Burcin question these villages was beyond him at moment. Of course the silver-tongued little halfing had spun some tale about cultists and Wolfharts oath to protect the empire from enemies within as well as those outside the border, but if one more air-headed peasant girl tried to charm him rather answer the questions regarding murders spanning over the last dozen years he would personally torch this cursed village.
    Wolfhart took a deep breath, it was his own fault ofcourse, he could have dressed as a common soldier, but no he had to bring the robes of his office

    Wolfhart stopped as noticed a young woman sitting by the stream running through the town, even without her Amethyst robe the clean shaven woman was easily reconcilable to him.
    "How did it go for you Esmeralda?" Wolfhart asked as he approached the Strigany woman. "They wouldn´t even talk with me" she responded sounding genuinely hurt, still staring at the water. "Who care about them anyway" Wolfhart said, trying to sound comforting. Despite Esmeralda being his elder he felt responsible for her. He was after all the one who discovered her and (at time against her will) introduced her to colleges in Altdorf.
    Even though she did join the bright college she was still his "charge" of sorts. Not in any official capacity, but still.

    "You don´t understand" she insisted "I have always been scorned, the other Strigany is all I ever had, and now they won´t even talk with me, now I don´t have anyone" Wolfhart could her voice quivering, of course he knew the Strigany was ostracised due superstitious rumours about them consorting with vampires, but Wolfhart had always considered that old women's tales besides she was collegiate magister now.

    Wolfhart placed a hand on her should and gave her a warm smile "Ofcourse you do" he said "You are one of us now".
    The look Esmeralda gave in return was one of outright horror, as she shoved him away and ran.

    Wolfhart started the campaign as a grave robber, eventually becoming a student and bright wizard. Esmeralda witnessed how this rise in class and power went to his head and eventually making him ruthless and cruel, to all but those closest to him (e.g. the group, his family and his apprentice).
    To her, the aspect of being "one of his" was properly more terrifying than being all alone in the world
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