Bost is a plainly a bit taken aback by Jeanne's greeting. He had expected a more reserved introduction. He shrugged, clasping her firmly on the shoulder, "Well, met, and thank you for coming. Please have a seat."

He glances to his right-hand man, a questioning look that flickers across his face before he returns his attention to the gather would-be adventurers.

"I have my eye on you for a while. In fact, Enok here has been keeping track of your progress for some time now. He tells me that you are some of the most promising local talent."

Lord Bost smiles and looks at each of you carefully as if matching your faces to descriptions he's received.

"I'm told that some of you already know each other, the rest of you can become acquainted on the trip - assuming you're interested in the opportunity.

As most of you probably know, I'm a lumberman here in town. My men and I search the surrounding areas to look for interesting trees or overgrown areas. We move a lot of lumber, most of it down river, but send some into surrounding areas. And a fair bit of it stays here in booming Threshold.

That's where the problem comes in, and where I'm hoping you can help me. There are two mills in town, neither of them working right now. The mill on the northern tip of Fogor Isle, or what some folk call "Old Town" burned to the ground last month. It's too small a site and in a bad area anyway, but it's left us without out a mill.

The other mill is much older; it hasn't been used since the earliest days of the Duchy, but it's in a prime location and the basic structure seems sounds. So I sent a few men into clean it up and rebuilt the thing.

He then pauses, winces, and rubs his forehead pensively with one hand.

As the men opened the door to the basement, they saw three glowing lights and heard something like the chattering of teeth. They bolted and won't go back, which is where you come in. I'd like you to clear out whatever's in my old mine so that I can get it rebuilt. I need to be able to send my builders and craftsman in without putting them in danger.

I like to offer work to promising local talent, and my organization is prime to expand. You folks'll make a fine team, I think.

It's dangerous work, I know, so don't let my Lordship suggest that this is an order. It's a request all the way. If you've got other things you need to do, I understand,"
he adds with a slight wink.

"If you're interested, you can take my raft across and get started right away. I'll pay you 50 gold a person, and you can keep whatever you find with one exception. Anything lumber, mill, or trade related stays in the mill or comes to me. That includes tools, ledgers, and anything having to do with the operation of the mill.

What say you?"