Sid "The Sneak" Aimes

Sid gulped, when Bost said that he'd been watching them for a while. He eyed Bost and Enok, trying to discern any hidden agendas. He squirmed in his chair as he squinted at them and debated with himself ---> Guys like these always have something to hide.

So what?! This is your big chance, like you said! Take it!

Oh, I'm taking it, alright. I just don't like that this guy has been watching us, and I didn't know about it. Gotta watch out for him.

Fine. Watch out for people who can make you rich. Just don't make him mad.

He shrugged at himself, then rolled his eyes at Brandon's enthusiasm. He nodded and chimed in with, "Me, too! I don't know what's over there, but it sounds like we're the best team for the job." He "Hrm..."ed with consternation, then turned to the others and said brightly, "I don't know if that makes Threshold sound any good, but oh well. How about you guys?"

O. O. C. --->
HP: 4 AC: 6 Spells in effect: Nope.

A Detect Deception roll ---> (1d20)[4] I haven't seen much reason to worry about anything, yet, but Sid is the sort who'd be suspicious of everyone.