Your captivity has been long, and harsh. For the first few months, it was merely dark, little food, and beatings for any perceived insubordination. It never grew to be better. Now you are allowed out only under strict guard, to tend to farmland that is just outside the walls. Escape is near impossible during these outings, and many of you have tried and failed.

You know that the Festival of the Hunt has begun, the Rus that are holding you in Ruthorn speaking highly of it and almost lording it over you that they are able to freely worship and do as they please.

Then it happened. A chorus of warning horns sounded above the din of the feast. Even locked in your shackles you could hear the crash and clatter of weaponry and shield from the middle of the city. The battle is not visible, as the Prisoner quarters have no windows.

The battle has just begun, and already the sounds approach, screaming, battle cries and the sound of rushing footsteps are heard through the walls of your quarters, and soon you hear them approaching the small wing of the city you are kept in.

(Here is a map of the small wing you are in. Everyone is chained up in the left hand prisoners quarters, and can only guess about the battle at this point, though it certainly approaches. Feel free to do a sort of Intro and post up a position, along the wall at least ten feet from the door)