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    Quote Originally Posted by drakir_nosslin View Post
    "Now would be a very good time for the gods to show some love for their children"
    Mutters Fengr as he studies the failed attempt to break through the chains.
    "What if we all try? These chains can't be indestructible and no one will notice if we make some noise right now, they're to busy to fight anyway.
    He walks awkwardly towards Gunnar, hindered by his own chains.
    "Right, come on everybody, if we do nothing we'll never get out of here."

    [roll0] Str check to aid another.
    EDIT: Well, that was for nothing then
    Quote Originally Posted by Simba View Post

    Valgard keeps helping in any atempts to break the chains.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ipphli View Post
    Nodding in agreement, Gunnar tries once more to dislodge the chain.


    Strength check [roll0]
    Quote Originally Posted by tonberryking View Post
    Her movement is difficult given the damned chainshirt all but binding into the threadbare garments the matronly druid was forced into, her connection with nature severed. The connection to the strength in her arms is still around so Aldi tries what she can to contribute, throwing her weight into her own tugging.

    "Who could be attacking our captors?" she grunts, pulling harder, "Allies from home? That damned dark lord we heard about so long ago?

    Strength check: [roll0]
    Quote Originally Posted by Gamblerjoe View Post

    After sitting quitely and listening, Ford decides to see what he can do about his manacles. it wouldn't be the first time hes broken a pair. he begins fidgeting and straining to no avail. he walks over to the ring that attackes the chain to the wall and begins smashing the manacles against that for a couple of minutes.


    Ford takes several deep breaths, lets out a mighty bellow and begins furiously thrashing about like a wild animal.


    Rage: 10 rounds
    OOC: alternating between attempting to break the manacles and tear the chain from the wall

    Strength Check to tear the chain from the wall
    +7 (str), +1 (trait)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tichrondrius View Post
    Kjersti Grimsdottir

    Bristling with barely controlled fury, she notices what the rest are doing and tries to help at least one of them get free before they work on the others.

    [roll0] to aid another. ^.^

    Unfortunately, the chains resist all attempts to be broken thus far. The fighting is sparse, but can be heard directly outside of the surrounding buildings. There is a crash against the wall of your building, and then the sound of more fighting. The Door to your building flies open, part of it splintered by a large axe. Two men fly into the room, the man with the axe is another Ru, a neighboring tribe that is hostile towards the denizens of Ruthorn. He cleaves the guards head in twain with his axe and stands, surveying you all. He grunts and slams his axe into Fords chain, snapping it from the wall, and then swings and snaps Valgaards chain as well. He grins. and shouts:

    "Help us Destroy these bastards!"

    He turns in his blood lust to the door and a thrown spear sinks into his chest, and sprouts out his back. He howls in rage and crumples to the ground dead. The headless corpse in front of you is armed with three daggers, a longsword and a heavy wooden shield. The dead man with arrows in his chest was armed with a greataxe and has three hand axes on his belt.

    Out the door you can see the other Prisoners Quarters has been opened in a similar fashion, and the men there are pouring out, and being slaughtered. You notice they are trying to arm themselves and are having a hard time handling the sparse guards left.

    Another thing to note, the headless corpse has the key ring commonly used on your manacles hanging from his belt.
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