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    Looking at the door, and then the headless guard, Fengr hobbles across the floor and picks up the keys.
    "I swear, these chains are getting tighter and tighter. Lets just hope that this thrice cursed rus indeed carried the keys to our cell"
    While the first key doesn't fit to his lock, nor the second, the third does and within seconds the silver chains fall off Fengr's body, allowing him to once again call upon the spirits of his homeland.
    He feels a surge of power, and his eyes flare blue for a moment as his soulmelds form over his body. His face is covered by a blue tinged, slightly transparent mask depicting a a dragon like creature and behind him the head of a wolf seems to hover, fangs bared. A fur of some sort forms to cover his upper body, almost like the bear hides worn by the berserkers of legend. Then, blue mist seems to evaporate from his body, gathering around his torso before taking the shape of two arms, just below his real ones. Claws grow out from his fingers, and a ghostlike hand replaces the one he sacrificed many years ago.
    Grinning wide and with eyes blazing Fengr throws the keys to his companions.
    "Free yourselves, it is time to go hunting!"

    I'm assuming that the keys fit now, as you implied that in your OOC post Cleavon. If I'm wrong I'll edit accordingly
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