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    (OOC: Previous thread here)

    Vicente had, by now, returned to his "lair" in the Cuarta's District. He was once more locked inside his lab, feverishly working at his workbench.

    The Ghost King had told him to push himself to new heights, heights unique only to him. So first, he had to perfect some ideas he'd had. Then, maybe, he could go about testing his

    A cruel smirk crossed his face as he spoke softly to no one in particular.

    "Do not rest easy, Sereg. Your time will come, even if I have to take the journey in stages. You've shown me your truest weakness, and I shall exploit it..."

    Cruel chuckles filled the lab, and the various Numeros that happened to be anywhere even mildly close to the lab gave off an involuntary shudder.
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