Kjersti Grimsdottir

Kjersti is the next to take the keys, unlocking her chains quickly and leaning down next to the man who sacrificed his life to free them. "Whatever your motivation, thank you, my friend." She spoke softly, removing two Handaxes from his belt with a gleam in her eye.

"I say we take it with full lust of battle. Whether we die here or not, we'll at least make them know they have faced the sons and daughters of Odin." She tightened her grip on her new Handaxes. "And if we should fall, may we taste the sweet nectar of the afterlife. I'll see you in Valhalla."

Kicking aside remains of the door, Kjersti stepped outside and looked for the nearest person with arrows. Someone was going to pay, and killing the person who rescued them was justification enough.

"For Odion! For Tyr!"

Initiative: (1d20+3)[9]
Spot Spot Spot the Guy: (1d20+6)[24]