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    So... you can spend 5,000 XPs to have something based on pretty much everything you DON'T like to think about, or want other people to know wandering around and which you have no particular control over?... WHY would anyone EVER do this?
    #1. Doesn't have to come from you. You have what the enemy doesn't want to know about. You have a creature that is a permanent aversion to it, going after it.

    #2. It seems to pretty much attack what is in sight. Let it loose in an army and run.

    #3. It's only 1 CR away from a Flesh Golem, which costs 10,000 xp and a lot of money. I thought the 5,000 xp reduction, no money lost, and much less time to create would make up for the fact it doesn't obey you after a minute or two.

    #4. Therapeutic value by getting it out into the open to destroy your enemies? Not like you can't just use dominate on it or something. Its will isn't the best.

    #5. Subverted Psion
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