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    At the lumber camp dock rests a true barge, a large, low vessel that probably could hold enormous amounts of lumber. The boatmen easily maneuver the small keelboat to the otherside of the dock and assist the passengers off. Just beyond the dock lies the lumber camp and no discernable trail leads to the south, though that's where Lord Bost indicated the mill would be.

    "Head south along the riverbank. You'll be there in no time,"
    calls out the boatman. "And head back to this camp when yer done. Good luck."

    The lumbercamp sits on a wide open plain extending east of the river. The grasses are cut or merely trampled for quite a ways around the camp. A very wide and well-worn road heads off to the north east, but tall grasses fill the space to the east and south along the river. The mill isn't visible from the dock, but it didn't seem to far away on the boat ride.
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