Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Prologue

The Hakurei Shrine.

A shrine located away from the Human Village, flanked by rows of trees, visited mostly by non-humans. From there, one could survey all of Gensokyo, enjoying the beauty of the four seasons. However, due to the long trek to the shrine from the village, and the rumours of youkai constantly gathering at the shrine, it became a place where normal humans did not dare to tread. Thus, the humans who did visit the shrine tended to be those even more dangerous than youkai. The head of the shrine who has to deal with them must have quite a difficult job...

Yet, thanks to the aforementioned head who is perhaps the most dangerous of them all, the shrine today was once again the scene of a peaceful, warm and friendly environment. Today, like every other day, was yet another enjoyable occasion in the life of Reimu Hakurei.

~ The End.

The Hakurei Shrine. Surrounded by young trees, spreading their beautiful green feathers to the floor. The shrine maiden bearing the Hakurei name stood under their shadows, skillfully sweeping the leaves away.

Reimu: Mmm~~hmm hmm, mmmm~~...Well, this should do it. The real thing is going to start soon, though.

She stood in front of the leaves she swept, and sighed. The pile of green was a mere molehill now, but in two months, that molehill would become a mountain. The real thing...the season of falling of leaves was not far away.

When the temperature is high, the leaves barely fall, and as the temperature gets lower, the amount of leaves to sweep increases. The world is quite convenient.

???: That'd be called the "Law of Conservation of Momentum".

A bright and cheerful voice matching the atmosphere emerged from the area around Reimu.

What's that suppose to mean?

It means ya sweat the same amount no matter the season.

The person walked straight towards Reimu, her footsteps reverberating lightly. It was a magician in black clothes...Marisa Kirisame. She had a broom in one hand, and a fearless grin on her face. The girl could take to the skies using her trademark broom. She did not actually need the broom to fly, but due to her belief that "witches always use brooms to fly", she was never seen flying without one.

Oh, my sweat is actually a very precious thing and should be appreciated, you know.

Methinks that has a deeper meanin' than you're givin' it.

Do you know why I sweep the fallen leaves everyday? This is a Shinto ritual. The swish of the broom is a dance for the gods, the leaves are offerings...and the sweat is the necter of the gods. The gods become satisfied upon viewing such a ritual. They will then bless us with an abundant harvest.

Hey, I didn't know that. I thought you were just bein' your usual carefree self, but you're actually workin' hard, huh? That's pretty surprising.

You think? I'm quite surprised too.


I'm surprised that you so easily believed what I came up with on the spot.

...You sure have faith in your fate after death, huh?

With a tiny grin, she shrugged her shoulders. Her words may have sounded unhappy, but their conversations were always for the enjoyment and wit, so the subject never really mattered to either of them.

So, what are you here for today?

Ya shouldn't need to ask, eh?

It's just a customary greeting. It must be nice to be so free everyday.

Hey, I'm not exactly free, ya know. I'm busy tryin' to find ways to spend all my free time.

I've got a sudden craving for some fish with thyme, actually. Want to come along with me?

I guess that's one of the better ways to kill some. I know a certain maid who's really good at recipes with thyme in 'em, too.

You don't say.

The girls spent all the free time they had enjoying life as they knew it. But while the usual day was carefree, some unusual days would pop up, where the usual suspects would cause uproars. And those with strength in Gensokyo would proceed to handle the situation horribly. This time, the incident all began from the plan of a certain youkai...

???: I'll make that wish come true~.

Hm? Whozzat?

The voice came from behind Marisa, roughly at the hall of worship. But there was no one there. Only the echo of the voice and its words remained.

I am the god of the Hakurei Shrine~. If you wish for me to solve your problems of free time, procure some dishes with thyme as your offering to me~.

That's a pretty cheap-minded god.


Reimu took out a familiar needle as she sighed. It was an anti-demon needle, used for youkai extermination. With a flick of the wrist, the needle flew in a seemingly aimless direction.


The dull sound of the needle piercing something in the air was accompanied by a cry of pain that echoed throughout the grounds. Eventually, a crack showed itself in the sky, and a shadow emerged from the gap. it was the border-manipulating youkai of enormous power, Yukari Yakumo.

Yukari: How violent...you could've ruined my clothes, you know...ow ow...

She plucked out the needle from behind with an unpleasant frown. The needle seemed to have pierced the top of her clothes, but as she removed it, no traces of any damage could be seen.

Since when did you become the main god of the shrine?

My, why not? I'm always watching over you from the moment you wake up, till the moment you sleep after all.

Don't say such creepy things. Why don't you go and get your own food yourself, or get your henchmen to get you some instead of asking me?

They're not my henchmen, they're shikigami~. Anyway, leaving the eating part aside, you all were wondering how to spend your free time, no?

Well yeah, somethin' like that.

So here~, I've got something that'll fix that problem in no time~!

You sound like a door-to-door salesman.

Well then, do at least listen to my sales pitch fully. You over there, don't you think the spellcard rules in Gensokyo right now is lacking a little something?

Hm, well, I...

Right, there you go~. Especially in your case, since I'm sure you're sore about always losing to Reimu, right?

Shaddup, I've won a few of those!

So here's a new proposal for you! If you can't win one-on-one, then why not try fighting in large group battles!?

The smile on Yukari's face kept growing bigger as she went on. However, the two were well aware that something fishy was always hidden behind her smiles, and looked at her suspiciously.

What? I thought those rules out carefully, yet some people still aren't satisfied?

Oh, they're very happy. In fact, that excellent agreement has worked out wonderfully. But you see...no matter how tasty a dish is, if you eat it every single day, what would you think of it then?

Yeah, I like my miso to be different everyday.

If you want it to be different, then stop leeching off me and go make your own.

And that's why I came up with a new set of rules, tailored for team battles!

Yukari puffed up her chest in pride as she spoke. She then seemingly stopped talking, but instead was waiting for questions about her rules before continuing on.

Team battles? Is that like having one person from each team fight another, then the winner stays and the loser is removed from battle?

Of course not, that wouldn't be any different from the current spellcard rules. I'm talking about everyone fighting each otehr at the same time.

It was true that the spellcard rules were created with one-on-one fights in mind, as Yukari said. It was youkai nature to seek one-on-one battles, so team battles were never taken into consideration. Yukari's new rules went somethning like this:

1. Choose a leader, and the team becomes an army.
2. Anyone, human, youkai, or otherwise, can participate.
3. Armies will have territories to be contested over.

And so on...Basically, it could be thought of as a typical strategy game of conquering areas. As soon as Yukari ended her briefing, she was immediately bombarded with questions.

What do you mean by leader?

Just as it says, really. It'll be the person who leads the group. If the leader retreats from the game, that army has lost~.

Anyone can participate? So these unreliable fairies 'round here would work too?

I see no problem, as long as they can fight and have someone to lead them. I'm sure there are people who may be weak individually, but strong in a team.

By territories, do you mean something like my shrine?

Indeed. I've prepared a map that divides the areas of Gensokyo into territories. You can look at it later.

The fact that she even prepared a map for it showed how motivated she was. It didn't seem like she would take no for an answer. But there was still one major problem.

You said you wanted to get all of Gensokyo involved, but what about those who don't want to get involved, or don't have any interest in this?

It was a natural question given the circumstances, but Yukari's smile only grew wider as she prepared to answer it.

of course, there will be those who oppose it. That's why I included something very important as well...The last army left standing will have any wish they have granted. This will also encourage the defeated to co-operate with their conquerors.

Oho...Now that sounds interesin'.

Marisa's interest perked up at Yukari's words. She was doubtlessly thinking of all the things she woudl wish for in her mind. It was far too early to count chickens before they hatched, but thus was her nature.

Everyone loves festivals and parties, so with this incentive, I'm sure everyone will participate. Well? Interesting, isn't it?Y You'll do it, right?

Yukari grinned as if she already knew what the answer was going to be. Reimu seemed to be considering it still, but Marisa had already fallen in love with the idea.

I'll do it. I've got a ton of things I want.

You should save that talk for if you actually win.

I ain't gonna lose in anything I do. 'Sides, with you and me together, there ain't nothin' that we need to be afraid of.

Wait a second, when did this turn into you forming a group with me?

Hey Yukari, I can join up with anyone I want, right?

Yes, feel free to do as you please.

There we go. Let's do our best, hey!

I'll put you two down as the Hakurei team. Now then, I should start informing other places who would like to join as well. Ahh, so busy!

Wha? Hey, Yukari, wait!

Reimu's cries were in vain, as Yukari disappeared into a gap. A calming silence returned to the area. All that remained was Marisa smiling to herself, and Reimu with her hand outstretched into thin air.

That Yukari...she's usually so lazy about things, yet she's pumped for this somehow...geez, so annoying.

We ain't had anything major happen for awhile, so this kinda things sounds great, doncha think? It'll be a tasty way to kill some time.

And hopefully we'll be the last ones standing, huh?

And so, the territorial conquest war that would sweep Gensokyo up in its momentum began. Can the two of them really emerge victorious?

I suppose you won't let me purposely lose to get it over with quickly, huh?

Got that right.


Sengoku Gensokyo OP time!

No choices to make yet, but soon...