Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 1

The Hakurei Shrine.

Reimu was sweeping the area just like the day before, but in a worse mood thanks to Yukari's whimsical ways. But as she thought about it longer, this could be considered an "artifical" incident from Yukari, so it would be the Hakurei shrine maiden's job to resolve it. It would become one of her normal duties of sorts. And so, she began briefing with the other person she grouped with, Marisa.

Reimu: ...So, what do we do now?

Marisa: Hmm...I guess we should go attack somewhere?

And where would that "somewhere" be?

On Yukari's map, Gensokyo had been divided into 23 areas. Along with Reimu and co's Hakurei Shrine, there were many others like the SDM, Hakugyokurou, Eientei, and so on.

...Do ya think these guys'll join in?

Marisa started to point at several different places on the map.

You think I can answer you? Though I suppose knowing them, they'd jump at the chance.

The Scarlet Devil Mansion's Remilia Scarlet. Hakugyokurou's Yuyuko Saigyouji. Eientei's Kaguya Houraisan. All of them had started incidents in Gensokyo's past. If Reimu's group wanted to be the winners, they would have to overcome extremely large obstacles in their way.

They're pretty far, so they won't be an immediate problem...but they ain't gonna be avoidable. We gotta prepare for them by swallowing up nearby armies.

...You're sounding like some kind of strategies now.

Can't say I look like one though. 'Sides, you ain't good with that kinda stuff, right?

Uh huh. I don't like thinking about such troublesome matters. I'll leave the finer details to you.

Ha ha, you can rely on me, young master.

...Anyway, what should we do now? These instructions don't really give any clues about that.

Reimu slapped the several sheets of paper she was holding in disgust. It was the instructions for the game that she received from Yukari, but though it went on and on, it never seemed to get to the point.

I guess hearing from the woman herself would be the fastest way to go about it...You're there, aren't you?

She seemingly called out to nothing at all. A second later, a crack appeared in the atmosphere, and Yukari popped out of the gap.

Yukari: I believe I was called.

Trying to act innocent? I know you've been around for a while now.

Oops, you spotted me? Ah well. As I said, I'm always watching you from the moment you get up, till...hey, put that needle away.

If you were watching, then I assume you know what I called you here for.

Yes yes~, so what exactly don't you know about?

(Tutorial skipped)

Well...actually, forget about it.

My, you know what to do without asking? Will you really be all right? If you don't ask now, you'll never find out, you know.

So stubborn!

I said put that needle away~!

Yukari hurriedly returned through the gap before Reimu could do what she wanted to. Her voice rang out from the gap with one final line.

Do your best~!

Reimu fired the needle towards the gap in anger, but the gap closed immediately, and the needle simply flew through the sky.

...Somehow, it feels like she has ya at her fingertips. Are ya really okay with sendin' her away though?

I bet it'll work out anyway...No, I'll make sure it works out. According to this map, she'll be participating, so I'll finally deal with her fair and square!

Hoo boy.

Reimu curled hand into a fist, and punched the sky with it. Well, as long as she's motivated somehow...or so the carefree Marisa thought as she watched the irritated Reimu.


Turn: 1
Ouki: 468
Ryumaku: 11/13
Actions Available: 2


Hakurei Shrine
Defense: 250/250
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

We currently have 6 members in our army: Reimu, Marisa, and 4 randomly generated generic units.

Reimu - Very balanced stats, can fill pretty much any role right now.
Special: Hakurei Descendant, ignores racial effects and some special abilities of enemies in battle.

Marisa - Strong and fast ranged attacker, but is weak when at close range.
Special: Master Spark, an expensive but powerful multi-target ranged attack. Takes 1 round to charge up, and Marisa can no longer act for the remainder of the battle afterwards.

Souichirou (generic human male) - Very high combat stats except for his paper-thin defense.
Special: Youkai Hunter, unit deals extra damage to Youkai enemies.

Izou (generic human male) - Good durability and melee scores, but poor at dealing far-range damage.
Special: Full Power Shot, a single high-power ranged attack. The user is stunned afterwards.

Ayu (generic human female) - Decent ranged stats, terrible melee power. Good research and negotiation scores for her cost.
Special: Full Power Charge, a single high-power melee attack. The user is stunned afterwards.

Souun (generic human female) - Decent at a distance, but terrible at close range. High speed for a generic unit.
Special: (None)


We got kind of shafted on our generic units' special abilities aside from the one with Youkai Hunter, but otherwise their stats aren't too bad. Souichirou in particular is very impressive.

Right now, we don't have many options aside from developing our territory. Don't worry; things will pick up soon, so I'll try to blaze through the first few turns as fast as possible.

Skipped the tutorial, because I got tired of typing and it's pretty much all just combat-related stuff that I get to handle anyway. Don't have many choices on what to do at the moment, but at least we get to see our randomly-generated army in the meantime.

Next section will be up later tonight, we'll try to quickly breeze through the early turns that have little for us to do.