Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 2

With no other options, I spent our 2 actions on Developing the Hakurei Shrine, raising our Ryumaku by 2. This concludes our turn.


At the path between the Human Village and the shrine, many youkai appeared frequently, hoping to obstruct humans traveling the path. It wasn't a big deal to strong humans, but a life and death issue for the weak. This danger decreased the amount of worshippers to the shrine, so the Hakurei shrine maiden attempted to fight that by punishing any youkai she saw on the path. But youkai weren't renowned for learning from the experience. And one of those youkai, Wriggle Nightbug, happened upon a scrap of paper along the path. Her eyes practically lit up upon reading it.

Now completely enthralled, she read each and every word carefully and excitedly. So much so that she didn't even notice a voice calling out to her.

???: Hey, what's that you found?

Wriggle: The time has finally come for all the oppressed bugs to stand up, regain their honour and rise up the social ladder...

...You there?

Right now, upon seeing an insect, humans have no other thought but to kill it...but even an insect will turn just like a worm.


This is the chance for bugs to stand up and be counted! Heh heh heh...they'll see, they'll all see...



Wriggle jumped as someone suddenly shouted into her ear. She fell on her rump, then looked up at the perpetrator...and found the night-sparrow youkai Mystia Lorelei looking down at her.

Mystia: Geez, you didn't have to get -that- frightened.

That was scary in two different ways.

What was the other way?

I'm not tasty, don't eat me~!

What kind of per...youkai do you think I am? I've already eaten, so my stomach's full.


Anyway, what were you getting all enthusiastic about?

Huh? Ah, um...Well, here. Read this.

Wriggle stood up as she spoke, and handed the piece of paper she was reading so seriously over to Mystia.

Hmm...Read it for me.

...You can't read?

I can't read.

Geez..."Gensokyo War Battle 1; Humans, youkai, fairies, and others all welcome to participate. The winning group will have their wishes come true."

What's that suppose to be?

The paper was, of course, Yukari's advertisement to get people to join her game. Mystia had no idea what its significance was, but Wriggle was heated up at the idea, balling her hand up into a fist.

In other words, anyone can attack the humans without being blamed. It's a chance to show that meddling shrine maiden from the shrine a real lesson! And then we'll be the last group remaining, the oppressed bugs will rise in social status, and humans will once again know the power of bugs!

Ohh, I don't really know what's going on, but it all sounds really passionate!

So...I don't really like to rely on you for anything, but I'll definitely be dead meat alone...Want to team up with me?

If you give me a lot of bugs to eat, then I'll think about it.

Don't eat them~!

I'm kidding. Eel is tastier than bugs anyway.

That's still...Wahhhh!

Anyway, I'm not doing anything in particular, and I've been punished by that shrine maiden before too, so I'll help you out.

Really!? Let's work well together, then!

Wriggle shook Mystia's hand up and down with vigor. Her motivation was more than enough for the both of them.

...So, do you know any trees with lots of bugs? Tasty-looking bugs, that is.


"Youkai Army" has been formed.


Reimu was sweeping at the shrine as usual. She didn't actually have to clean up the leaves and dust, but habits can be a strange thing. Besides, she couldn't relax unless she had a broom in her hands.

Marisa: Ya sure work hard at that everyday.

Reimu: I didn't do it yesterday, and I got so restless. Putting Yukari's thing aside, it just doesn't feel right not to do this every day.

Reimu leaned onto the broom as she spoke, putting most of her weight onto it. The broom started to bend under the stress.

Watch out, your broom's gonna break.

I'll just borrow yours then.

My broom's a special type, ya know. I ain't gonna lend it to no one for sweepin'.

My, and you think my broom isn't special either? It's a divine tool of the Hakurei Shrine, powered by miraculous virtues.

...As she said that, she waved her broom around as if it was a halberd. Perhaps being hit by it would've given the victim the grace of God, but given how painful it looked, Marisa wasn't going to test it.

Oh, what are you here for today? Another strategy meeting?

Yeah, well, it's ain't really somethin' to hold a meetin' for, but...Someone else 'sides us has formed an army.


Reimu replied in shock. It may have been a game that was suppose to involve all of Gensokyo, but up till now, Reimu's army had been the only team that was formed.

There's a path that links here and the Human Village, right? Their stronghold is right there. Ya should be able to guess who it is by now.

Actually, nope.

...Right, fine. Anyway, it's a buncha youkai...Seems like Wriggle and Mystia gathered 'em.

That Yukari...When she said she'd get everyone involved, she really meant everyone.

They kept shoutin' 'bout gettin' revenge on the shrine maiden at the shrine...They're really bitter 'bout something. Do you have any idea what it is?

Not particularly. I just discipline them whenever I see them.

...That'll do it.

What? It's pretty much their fault that I never get any worshipers coming here, so it's my right to punish them.

Not like I care, but they're definitely all fired up 'bout this. If ya leave 'em alone, I'm sure they're gonna "declare war" on us sooner or later.

We can do that too, can't we?

Yep, or so the rules say. Though we can't yet, apparently.

I wonder why...Anyway, this seems like an excellent chance, so let's give them some thorough punishment when the time comes.

...I'm real glad I joined up with ya.


Turn: 2
Ouki: 1083
Ryumaku: 11/15
Actions Available: 2


Hakurei Shrine
Defense: 250/250
Cost to Develop: 15 RES

No changes to territories or characters were made.

We have enough resources to Develop our single territory only once, so that leaves us with one free action. We still can't declare war yet, as the Youkai Army's territory's won't show up until tomorrow for some reason. We can spend our action on a chat instead to raise affection levels. Just pick a character (Reimu is never an option; I guess she's the one talking).