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    Arrow Demon


    HD: d8
    1|+ 1|+0 |+2 | +0| 6-limbed body, Close Combat Shot, +1 Dex, +1 Con
    2|+ 2|+0 |+ 3| +0|Demon, Abyssal Skin, +1 Str,
    3|+ 3|+ 1|+3| +1|Symmetrical Archery, +1 Dex,
    4|+ 4|+ 1|+ 4| +1| Oversized Arms, +1 Str,
    5|+ 5|+ 1|+ 4| +1|Powerful Shot, +1 Dex,
    6|+ 6|+ 2|+5| +2|Strong Legs, Cleaving Shot, +1 Str, +1 Dex
    7|+ 7|+ 2|+ 5| +2|Dimension Door, True Shot, +1 Str, +1 Con[/table]

    Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons, as well as the shortbow, longbow and greatbow.

    Skills: 4 + Int modifier. Balance, Bluff, Craft, Climb, Concentration, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Sense Motive, Spot.

    1st Level:
    6-limbed body: You lose all previous racial bonuses and gain outsider traits (Darkvision 60ft) and a base land speed of 30ft.
    You have 4 arms, but 2 of them are currently too weak to be useable.
    You gain a natural armour bonus equal to your constitution modifier.
    Close Combat Shot: You do not provoke attacks of opportunity for firing a ranged weapon in melee. In addition, you threaten the area within your reach as though armed with a melee weapon.

    Ability Score Increases: Your dexterity increases by 1 at 1st, 3rd, 5th and 6th levels. (+4 overall)
    Your constitution increases by 1 at 1st and 7th levels. (+2 overall)
    Your strength increases by 1 at 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th levels. (+4 overall)

    2nd Level:
    Demon: You gain telepathy equal to 30ft + 10ft per HD. You gain resistance to electricity equal to your HD and an equal bonus on saves against poison. You gain resistance to acid, cold and fire equal to half your HD.

    Abyssal Skin: You gain DR/good or cold iron equal to half your HD. At 10 HD, this becomes DR/good and cold iron. You gain SR equal to 11 + your HD.

    3rd Level:

    Symmetrical Archery: Your second pair of arms is finally strong enough to be useable. You may now wield weapons in all four of your hands. Any time the Arrow Demon could make an attack with a bow, it may elect to attack with both bows, but takes a -2 to attack rolls for that round.

    4th Level:
    Oversized Arms: You gain Powerful Build and can now wield weapons of one size category larger than you.

    5th Level:

    Powerful Shot: You can now add your full strength bonus to any bow you wield, and 1.5x your strength bonus to any bow which could normally apply your full strength bonus. You may also choose to take a penalty to your attack roll in order to recieve an equal bonus to your damage roll, similar to the Power Attack feat.

    6th Level:
    Strong Legs: Your base land speed increases by 10ft.
    Cleaving Shot: If you drop an enemy with an arrow, you may roll to attack another target stood behind him. Range is calculated from you, and the fallen enemy must be in a line between you and the target.

    7th Level:
    Dimension Door: You gain Dimension Door as an SLA useable once each day/3 HD you have.
    True Shot: You may ignore cover (but not total cover, concealment or total concealment), and penalties due to weather or the Wind Wall spell.

    I wanted an arrow demon, so I thought I'd make it. PM me with any critiques. It culminates with the ability to properly use both arms followed by the ability to never be eaten while doing so. 4th level's a little bare, so suggestions for that are welcome.

    Added more special abilities, reduced uses of dimension door, changed resistances, changed saves, moved Symmetrical Shooting down a few levels.
    Changed Rapid Shot for True Shot.
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