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    Default Re: Conquering the Fantasy Kitchen Sink - Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo!

    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 3

    I decided to go with the incomplete development, as I've never done it before. Thanks for the suggestion, Rolaran!

    We spend our 2 actions on one complete development of the Hakurei Shrine, and one incomplete development, fulfilling 16 of the 18 RES quota for the next development step.


    Wriggle and Mystia had formed the "Youkai Army", and accepted Yukari's invitation to the war game...but now that they had joined in the fray, they had no idea what they were suppose to do next.

    Mystia: ...Anyway, I called all my friends and other youkai, and they're willing to help out.

    Wriggle: Yeah, that's nice.

    Wriggle appeared to be thinking deeply. Mystia started to get angry over Wriggle supposedly ignoring her.

    Hey, are you listening to me?

    Eh? Ah, sorry...I was thinking about something...

    About what?

    Ah, well...

    Wriggle turned to face Mystia with the most serious expression she had ever seen on her face. Just a glance at the seriousness of her attitude made Mystia unconsciously straighten her back.

    H-Hey...is it really that important?

    Wriggle silently nodded. Her stare continued to pierce Mystia like daggers, making her extremely nervous.



    .........I don't think we can go any further unless we decide it now.

    D-Decide? Decide what?

    How could you forget something so important...I'm talking about who the leader will be. Let's decide it now.

    The grand sound of someone falling over could be heard for miles.

    Hm? What's wrong?

    You really...Don't make such a stupid thing sound so important! I was bracing myself for something really bad, then you come up with that!?

    What!? It isn't stupid at all! It's extremely important!

    Mystia's face was bright red from her exasperation. Wriggle began to talk passionately as she looked Mystia right in the eye.

    Each youkai may be a pitifully weak insect, but if they all work together, they become an invincible army! But they need someone to lead them! We can't win against the shrine maiden one-on-one, but with everyone's cooperation and if we decide a leader, there won't be anyone who can match us!

    ...And how will we decide who the leader is?

    There's no need for anything special for that. I'm the only one who can do it after all.

    Wriggle proudly pointed at herself, but Mystia wasn't convinced.

    After all that talk about how important a leader is, you're just selfishly trying to make yourself the leader!

    Selfish? I'm the one she contacted, I'm the one who brought it up to you, so obviously, I sould be the leader.

    So what! I'm the one who got lots of people to join this army! You can't do anything by yourself.

    Oh no you didn't!

    Yeah, I went there!

    Their foreheads clashed as they glared at each other. Both didn't care about a falling out this early in the army's life, and neither looked like yielding an inch...until Wriggle suddenly withdrew her head.

    ...Hmph, fine. If you're going to be like that, then let's decide this with a fair and impartial round of rock-paper-scissors.

    Rock-paper-scissors...? Fine, I accept!

    No arguments whoever wins, right?


    They both turned away, backs facing each other, as they tried to predict what each other would do. Rock-paper-scissors allows one to attempt to predict the opponent's move by their character, but such things are never foolproof. She'll definitely use rock, so I'll do paper...No, she might use reverse psychology, so scissors...Wait, she might use reverse-reverse psychology, so...Such thoughts swirled in the heads of the two competitors.

    Alright, I'm ready!

    Okay, let's do this. Rock! Paper! SCISSORS!

    ..................How could I lose~~~?

    This makes me the leader. No complaints, right?

    ...Fine, since you want to be it so much.

    Mystia clearly wasn't satisfied, but she had lost the battle and her pride wouldn't let her grumble too much, so she accepted her defeat.

    Alright, let's work together!

    Wriggle extended her hand towards Mystia, who had her back turned to Wriggle. She gave Wriggle a sideways glance...then stuck her tongue out.

    ...Now she knows the power of bugs.

    Night-Blind Road placed under control of the Youkai Army.
    Faintly Dark Path placed under control of the Youkai Army.


    She was referring to the Youkai Army formed by Wriggle and Mystia just the other day.

    Marisa: Ahh, they've set up their base at the forest road between here and the village.

    Reimu: *sigh* They're getting in my way again...

    The map revealed that Hakurei Shrine was connected to the "Night-Blind Road" that continued to the Human Village, and the "Faintly Dark Path" that went to the Magic Forest. These were the Youkai Army's territories.

    ...So in short, we have to take them out before we can go anywhere else.

    Yep yep. And they're itchin' for a fight against ya as well.

    Marisa's words darkened Reimu's mood considerably. Why were they so insistent on going for her? That was a question that she couldn't answer herself.

    Ya look like someone just raided the donation box.

    ...It's nothing. Let's just beat them up and move on to the next army.

    Do ya think it'll be that easy? Seems they've got a buncha youkai with 'em too.

    They're still youkai I've punished before. No matter how many of them gather together, they're still no match for me. They'll be flattened.

    ...Well, with you around, we'll be okay I s'pose. Alright then, let's eat!

    You know, if you keep coming over for food so much, you should at least make something every now and then.

    The best food in the world is a bowl of miso soup made by someone else.

    Reimu simply shrugged her shoulders at Marisa's nonchalance and went back inside the shrine. She had to prepare her own food even if Marisa wasn't here, so the amount of work was more or less the same anyway.

    I'll go set the table! The miso soup ain't ready yet~? Ah, I want mine light brown please!

    Shut up!

    Youkai Army is now available for war declaration.


    Turn: 3
    Ouki: 1643
    Ryumaku: 11/16
    Actions Available: 2

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 2 RES (Additional Development costs 21 RES)

    Enemy Territories:

    Night-Blind Road
    Owner: Youkai Army
    General: Mystia Lorelei
    Defense: 160/160

    Faintly Dark Path
    Owner: Youkai Army
    General: Wriggle Nightbug (leader)
    Defense: 175/175

    Special Events Available:

    Declare War: Youkai Army
    5 NEG is required to declare war.

    No changes to characters were made.


    We now have another decision to make: we can either take the initiative and declare war first, or sit tight and continue developing while waiting for them to declare war on their own. The first choice will let us capture enemy territories sooner, but the latter may save us an action, as declaring war takes one action.

    When attacking a territory, a successful battle will decrease the defense of a territory by 50-100 points, depending on the margin of victory accomplished by the attackers. Defense cannot be restored if the occupying army wins when the invading army is defeated; only by counterattacking on their own turn can they restore the lost defense points.

    So our choices are:

    A) Declare war, then attack a territory (pick which one).

    B) Declare war, then finish developing our territory.

    C) Do not declare war, and develop twice.

    D) If you still want to chat, just replace one of the above actions with it.

    What shall we do?
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