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    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 4

    With two votes for sitting tight and developing, that's just what I did. There's no hurry at this point in the game; at worst, our enemies might gain an extra fraction of a level from stalling a bit, which isn't a big deal.


    Once again, Wriggle and Mystia gathered to discuss just how to take down that odious Hakurei shrine maiden.

    Wriggle: Hey, I just thought of something...

    Mystia: Yeah?

    Maybe we should try to recruit a few more allies?

    Ehh? are you saying the friends I called aren't good enough for you?

    That's not what I mean...It's just that, you know, having more allies is always a good thing, don't you think?

    That's kinda true, but I don't have that many youkai I can call over...


    While battles would no doubt be easier with more youkai to participate, it would be unreasonable to assume that everyone would want to join. The Youkai Army had now reached a difficult point.

    We can't really plead those who aren't interested into joining, huh...

    Maybe there are some bored youkai who we can force to join in...

    We shouldn't use force.

    If they listen to my song...

    That's essentially the same!

    So mean!

    ...To be perfectly honest, neither of these two were truly smart enough to have a worthwhile discussion. In the end, they wasted time without deciding on anything, until...

    Hm?...Hey, what did you just do?

    I didn't do anything!

    Something was obstructing the sun's rays, casting a shadow on the ground nearby. It unnaturally moved slowly towards them, still surrounded by brightness. A look upwards revealed a similar disc-shaped shadow.

    Is that one of those "Unidentified Flying Object" thingies?

    Mystia took to the skies and tried to get closer to the shadow. She looked at it from right beside it, realizing that it was a pretty sphere of black rather than a disc, but she couldn't see within at all.

    Hey, be careful, getting too close might be dangerous.

    Yeah, I'll be careful.

    She timidly extended her hand, and it disappeared into the shadows. Her hand met no resistance as it went in, but she couldn't see it anymore. She pulled her hand back out, and it looked the same as ever.

    Uwah, this is really weird!

    Are you okay?

    Yeah, I'm fine. See?

    Mystia pushed her hand in and out of the darkness several times, gradually going deeper and deeper, until the point where her elbow was hidden...then her fingers hit something.


    She hurriedly pulled her arm out. There was nothing at her fingertips, but the sensation of touching something remained.

    What's wrong?

    T-There's something inside!

    But nobody could see what it was from the outside...The black sphere then stopped its slow movement.


    ...Mystia was on her guard, when she suddenly heard an inquiring voice.

    ???: Boo, you all've been so loud for awhile now~.

    Wha!? It spoke!?

    Who touched me just now...Boo, I don't wanna make it all bright, but...

    As she spoke, the sphere of darkness weakened slightly. It eventually weakened enough to see inside, revealing the figure floating at the center of the sphere.

    Ehh? Who're you?

    You're the one who interrupted me floating around, huh? It felt so good, too...

    Uh...You're a youkai?

    Yeaaah, my name's Rumia. So what do you want?

    Rumia slowly floated downwards onto the ground. It was still a bit hard to see through the darkness surrounding her, but not hard enough to be worth complaining about.

    Well, I'm Wriggle. And she's Mystia. We were just investigating why it turned dark all of a sudden, and why a giant cloud of darkness was flying around.

    Rumia: Ahh, is that so? Don't worry, I just make it dark so that the sun doesn't make me feel warm. I really don't feel like doing anything when it's hot.

    What were you doing inside that darkness, then?

    I wasn't doing anything. I couldn't see anything since it was so dark, so I just floated 'round and 'round.


    Her reply seemed a little strange, but Wriggle's feelers were tingling with excitement.

    ...Are you free?

    Well, I'm sort of busy with being free, kinda...

    Wriggle's eyes began to twinkle.

    Do you want to play with us, then?

    Hey, wait!

    Play what?

    A war game.

    A war game? Against who?

    Mostly humans.

    Can I eat them?

    Um, probably not.


    C'mon, you're not doing anything anyway, so help us out! We really need your power!

    "Need"...Rumia didn't understand why exactly her power was necessary, but she at least knew someone was requesting her help for something, which made her feel a little proud.

    Hmm~, I guess it's fine then.

    All right! Thanks! Let's work well together from now on!

    They exchanged handshakes, leaving Mystia sighing in their wake.

    Geez, you're leaving me out of the decisions again.

    Aw, c'mon...Anyway Rumia, this is a bit quick, but let's see your power at work. This afternoon sun is really too strong...


    Wow, so dark!

    And so cooling~!

    Most youkai prefer the night over broad daylight. The darkness Rumia generated made the area a resting place for these youkai. Thus, the three ofthem forgot their original objective, and relaxed in the darkness.

    Rumia has joined the "Youkai Army".


    Reimu: Hey Marisa, something's bothering me.

    Marisa: Ah? Wuzzat?

    Reimu opened up the map for Marisa to see.

    I usually handle all my shopping at the village.

    Yeah, me too. Though the stuff they sell at the village can't really be used for my magic experiments.

    But there's a "Human Village" marked on this map, and the position is roughly the same as the actual village.

    Hey, you're right. Though there's no way the Human Village's as big as the map's suggestin'.

    I'm not sure what's going on with it now, but if it's marked here, then it should be a territory that someone's controlling, right?

    Hm, I haven't heard anyting 'bout that...Well, knowin' Yukari, she probably went to the village too. Though I can't imagine that half-beast joinin' in.

    If we assume they're part of this whole "game", then we probably can't go to the village anymore.

    It was just as she said, it wouldn't be possible to just show up at an enemy-controlled territory as if nothing's wrong...normally, that is.

    Well, I've been goin' back to my house at the forest just fine, so I wouldn't worry too much. Just worry 'bout it if someone actually makes a fuss.

    ...I suppose so. I'll be going to the village for a bit to do some shopping then. Take care of the shrine for me till I get back.

    Get some dark-brown miso this time.

    It's because you eat too much that I have to go to the village so often, you know!

    Reimu left in a huff, disappearing as a twinkle in the sky. Marisa fell into deep thought as she watched her figure fade away.


    Turn: 4
    Ouki: 2435
    Ryumaku: 11/18
    Actions Available: 2

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 24 RES

    Enemy Territories:

    Night-Blind Road
    Owner: Youkai Army
    General: Mystia Lorelei
    Defense: 160/160

    Faintly Dark Path
    Owner: Youkai Army
    General: Wriggle Nightbug (leader)
    Defense: 175/175

    Special Events Available:

    Declare War: Youkai Army
    5 NEG is required to declare war.

    No changes to characters were made.


    The Youkai Army still hasn't declared war yet, but they probably will next turn, since they're out of other cutscenes to do. We can still make the first strike, or continue developing or chatting while waiting for them. If we develop twice, we can only make an additional 6 payment on the next 27 RES quota, so chatting is now a somewhat more appealing option.

    Moving along quicky now. In the meantime, I'm amusing myself with the post-game campaign modes, where fun things can happen:

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