[OOC:um... Ossler can't reach Q11. The closest he can get is S11. Drake and Sheron's moves are fine. Karvek should head to Q9 and hold onto his Vulnerary, since Drake got another from Ossler and Mercury has two.

Mercury will head to S13, since it's the farthest she can go in the direction she needs to.]

Mercury slaps her forehead. "Aww, shoulda kept my mouth shut." She rises from the table fluidly, grabbing her sword from it's holding place.

"At leasht I get shome exercishe to work it off. HAVE AT YOU, INTERLOPERS! I, THE ROSHE BANDIT MERCURY, WILL NOT LET YOU ENTER THE THRONE ROOM!" She carefully picks her words to avoid slurring the speech, but neglects to leave out the 'bandit' part. She charges ahead towards the direction Sheron suggested.

Move to S13 and wait.