Jeanne's infravision reveals very little, the walls have been warmed by the sun and are warmer than the wooden floor or interior of the mill. No other shapes appear, but Sid's torch quickly forces her to switch back to normal vision to avoid being blinded.

The enormous door is in fact a double door only half of which has been unboarded. It swings open far enough to permit entrance and Sid's torch illuminates the immediate area.

Inside the mill, nothing seems amiss. The space is essentially one large room with two tracks where logs were brought through. To the left, a large rusty blade protrudes from the floor and to the right a large pit is dug to the right of a long groove in the wood-planked floor.

Jeanne notices immediately that it is not quite all one room. The wall running along the east side of the building is not the exterior wall - it is ten or so feet too soon and it lacks exterior windows.

Sid listens carefully and detects a scratching sound from off to the right. It sounds almost like a very slow sawing.