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    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 5

    Attack it is! Let's get this show on the road.

    Izou is selected to deliver the declaration of war to the Youkai Army.


    Mystia: Heeey, Wriggle! We're in trouble!

    Wriggle: What's the big deal? You look like someone was shooting at you with a slingshot.

    That shrine maiden from the shrine has done this "war declaration" thingie on us!


    All of Wriggle's army started an uproar at the news. There were even those who wanted to launch a first strike on Reimu in revenge.

    And I was so banking on declaring war first, then striking quickly in the confusion and beating them up then~!

    What are we supposed to do now!? Our foolproof plan's completely destroyed!

    A birdbrain and a bugbrain could never make anything foolproof, but there wasn't anyone around to tell them that.

    Ugh, there's nothing else we can do...We'll still have to attack the shrine sooner or later. If we panic now, we'll fall into this trap of theirs.

    Y-Yeah...Alright everyone, let's get ready for battle!


    Youkai generally went along with the mood easily...which meant that they get fired up easily, and also get depressed from defeat easily. But Wriggle could think about no more than getting revenge on Reimu.

    "Youkai Army" - War has been declared.


    Our assault on the Night-Blind Road commences. The enemy is caught off-guard, with only a few stray youkai patrolling the area. our superior numbers shift the tide of battle to our favor, and Marisa delivers the coup de grace with Master Spark.

    The Youkai Army's defenses stationed along the Night-Blind Road were halved, and we proceed with no casualties. However, we failed to take any prisoners during our first assault.


    Mystia: Ahh~, darkness is really so relaxing~. I wish the whole day was always dark.

    Rumia: I'm a darkness helper~

    Rumia's ability to manipulate darkness allowed her to generate darkness to block out the sun, and become a relaxation spot for youkai. Rumia and Mystia were enduring the light and heat in that fashion.

    ...Hey, there's something I wanted to ask.

    Hm? What is it?

    Well, this darkness is so strong, I can't even see my hand through it.

    Because light couldn't get throught the darkness, it could not reflect off objects, and thus objects could not be seen. While Mystia was inside the darkness she could hear and sense, but not see Rumia or herself.


    Can you see me? Or yourself even?

    Nope, I can't see a thing. Cuz it's all dark~.

    But when we met, you were flying around all dark like this.

    Yeah, I was flying.

    If you can't see anything, wouldn't it be dangerous?


    It seemed like Rumia should be thinking further, but her figure obviously couldn't be seen, and her tone didn't seem to indicate that she was deep in thought.

    Then again~, I think all the other youkai and humans and birds are all scared of me and avoid me, so maybe it's not that dangerous~. Oh yeah, sometimes I hit a tree and it's really painful. Trees can't move after all, ahahaha.

    ...This girl seems like an idiot...

    Ehh? Did you say something?

    No I didn't.

    Rumia's words were generally a little unsettling, but since her power was extremely useful, it wasn't a big deal to Mystia.


    Reimu: There, that's done with.

    After returning from the village, Reimu stored away all the food and ingredients she bought with a little sigh. Normally she would stock up for the future, but the current season meant food spoiled quickly. It was at times like these where she wished for the coolness of winter to come again. Of course, when it's winter, she'd then wish for the exact opposite.

    Well, all these will be used up quickly anyway.

    Marisa: That's cuz ya eat a lot. Ya should learn a bit from me.

    I would imagine it's more because I have to prepare helpings for two people every day.

    Geez, ya eat two helpings? A real glutton, aren't you?


    Reimu shot a deathly glare at Marisa, who had an innocent look on her face.

    C'mon, look a li'l happier. I really value your magic after all. Ya should be happy ya have an admirer!

    For someone who ups and comes here without permission to eat, you really...And what do you mean by "magic"?

    Cooking's a type of magic, doncha think?

    Marisa's opinion left Reimu staring at her blankly. Even after taking some time to process it, it still wasn't comprehensible in the slightest.

    No one eats raw cabbage or radish outta the box, right? Hm, I better take that back, there might be some weirdos 'round here.

    ...Well, it is usually cooked first, yes.

    Magic is somethin' that comes about when I transform an ordinary forest mushroom into some real powerful sorcery! It's the same as cooking. A buncha normal ingredients, through the many skills we use, changes the taste and form drastically! And this end product brings happiness and good health to those who eat it. If that ain't magic, then what is?

    Aha. It sounded like something Marisa thought of on the spot, but she showed that she actually had basis behind her reasoning. And very well said, at that...Even Reimu felt enlightened at her explanation.

    That's a pretty interesting viewpoint. But since when does your magic make anyone happy?

    ...Don't hit where it hurts, yo. Besides...Magic can't ever be fully understood, and it's a long road that a human's lifespan won't last for.

    There are two types of magicians: those who were born magicians, and humans who choose to become one. One who becomes a magician is no longer human, which is why Marisa couldn't be called a genuine magician yet.

    So, are you going to stop being a human someday?

    Reimu's question seemed to be natural based on the flow of the conversation, but Marisa's expression grew heavy for a split second after she heard it. Then, right after, she was back to normal and continue speaking.

    I dunno. There's definitely a lot of interestin' things I wanna experience or know about in this world, and I can't do 'em all in the time a human has...But still, I think accomplishin' things as a human with limited time has more meanin' to it. Since a human's life goes by, just like a flash.

    And just like your danmaku.

    It's good for my danmaku to be flashy. And I definitely ain't gonna stop bein' a human till I beat you.

    That's good, you'll be a human forever then.

    Them's fightin' words, ya know.

    The pure-born magicians, humans who become magicians, magic users who continue to remain human. There are many ways for those to live their lives, and the freedom of choice as to which one they find best. In Marisa's opinion, none of those choices were inherently good or bad...and living on as a human was just fine for her.


    Turn: 5
    Ouki: 2847
    Ryumaku: 11/18
    Actions Available: 2

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 24 RES

    Enemy Territories:

    Night-Blind Road
    Owner: Youkai Army
    General: Mystia Lorelei
    Defense: 80/160

    Faintly Dark Path
    Owner: Youkai Army
    General: Wriggle Nightbug (leader)
    Defense: 175/175


    Our last attack brought down the territory's defense to exactly half. Shall we continue pressing the attack, and hope for a capture? If we do, we can chat or spend our last member developing. Don't forget that you can suggest which characters to use for battle/development/events.

    The general for a particular territory will always show up when that territory's defense is below 100. They can also randomly show up sooner. Characters that aren't in charge of a territory (such as Rumia) can show up anytime, including counterattacks. Once a territory is captured, if the army is still standing, that territory's leader won't be captured, and will instead start showing up randomly in regular battles until the army is defeated. Once the entire army is defeated, the leader will always be captured, and potentially other characters will as well. Those that escape will become freelance units that may join another enemy army sometime later in the game, thus giving you another opportunity to capture them.

    Aside from the army's leader (who is always captured once the army is defeated), captures will occur randomly. There's a small chance that any character whose HP is reduced to 0 during battle will be captured by the victors. This applies to both generic units and freelancers. One significant character that's recruited much later on has an ability that significantly increases capture rates.
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