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Thread: The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

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    Extended Sig- Because I can.

    Note: If you find something awry with one of my homebrews, please PM me instead of posting in the thread. I'd rather be able to quote the thread when I want to repost the stuff in whole than have to dig through my files to find it.


    Classes, Standard:

    Spiral Warrior- WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM? (Psionic/ToB gish base class) Disowned.

    Barrier mage: What's worse than an anti-magic field? A caster specializes in anti-mage spells.

    Sentai: For all your transforming superhero needs.

    Kaijin: Totally not a dude in a rubber suit, guys!

    Classes, Prestige:

    Parivir- The Final Fantasy Tactics A2 job, turned into a PrC. Yep.

    Judge- The Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Judge, now in PrC form.

    One Winged Angel- Cliche villain form transformation, turned into a PrC. Yeaaahhh....

    Master of Gradation Air- Suddenly, magic swords.

    Keeper of the King's Vault- Owns an extradimensional space, from which they can fire stuff.

    Knight of the Blank Shield- Suddenly, your own swords turned magical swords.

    Shaper of the Way- A ToB/Spellshaping prestige class.

    Translocation Adept- A teleporting Spellshaping prestige class.

    Exoplasmic Master- Take ToB. Add Astral Construct as a suit of armor. Done.

    Epic Destinies:

    Heroic Spirit- For all your legendary warrior needs.


    Nobodies- The Kingdom Hearts enemies that you get oh so annoyed by.


    Hero's Edge- Take a flying leap and cut that dragon in two.

    Chronological Adjustment spells- Change your age around!


    Nanaya bloodline- Based on the demonslaying clan in the Nasuverse.

    Holy Blood- FE 4's Holy Blood as bloodlines.


    My homebrew idea repository

    Expertise Bonuses- Giving the anti-mage guys a chance to get their plusses.

    Non-homebrew stuff:

    Recent Avatars
    The Mage King, by Felyndiira.

    Master Xehanort, by Bradakhan

    Vanitas, by Bradakhan

    Van Hohenheim, also by Bradakhan

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    N, again by Bradakhan

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    Zelretch, by Ceika

    Saber (Fate/Prototype), by Ceika

    Fate/Zero Berserker, by Ceika

    TMK, take 3, by Ceika.

    Gokai Red, by Ceika

    Internets. I haz them.


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    Yes, I said it. ULTRA NIFTY.

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