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    River Warden: skillmonkey PrC with water themes.

    Shadow Warrior: Soulborn/Shadowcaster gish.

    SssSsSss: Incarnum using PrC for lizardfolk.

    Apostate Sword: class based around not fighting. Probably not useful in a standard D&D game.

    Scion of Awesome: You're so cool you make the universe forget that you shouldn't be able to do that.

    Dissembler: As it turns out, some undead don't need to be all in one piece to be dangerous.

    Channel of Ysgard: Incarnate PrC which is viking themed.

    Cogitator: Warforged PrC based around executing your battle plan.

    Unbound: Another Incarnum PrC, this one combines Factotum and Incarnate. There is also an epic destiny involved but... friends don't let friends play Epic.

    Master of Marks: A skill based class which creates supernatural effects with runes. Most effective if given the chance to prepare a battlefield, an ambush, a robbery, etc ahead of time.

    Goldbug: Turns money into power without the bother of magic items. Comes in direct engagement and manipulator/summoner varieties.

    Phoenix Hunter: A ranger oriented PrC with various abilities to help v mythical firebirds.

    Mystic Ninja: Warlock/Ninja hybrid, with the goal of making it easier to make ninjas from the movies using the ninja class.

    Dream Warrior: It's like Combat Focus, but less terrible.

    Promethean Psion: It's a caveman wielding a club that is also a psion. Not the caveman, the club.

    Brilliant Paladin: Remember the Helm of Brilliance? This class makes it... less stupid to use.

    Mythtaken: It's a bard who tells people that monsters aren't so scary. And they have powers to make it (sort of) true.

    Marked One: Mark of Justice is normally a problem. This class makes it an opportunity.

    Crucible: Have you ever wanted to purge evil with your fireballs, but your party members keep getting in the way? This class is for you.

    Adept of Loki: Did you ever think that D&D needed more dice? This class has you roll for class features every level. And BAB, saves, skills... it's probably not a good idea to actually play it.

    Celestial Seed: It's a fighter. With a dash of Favored Soul. Also it gets outsider powers and turns into an angel... or a devil.

    Flow Walker Scout PrC that lets you make an area of the battlefield more interesting. Attack and movement choices, and something about knowledge I guess.

    Base Classes

    Pilot of Nothingness
    :Class based around calling a giant fighting robot.

    Soulborn Remake: it's full BAB and full meldshaper level. And gets essentia from level 12.


    Totemist Soulmelds

    Incarnate Soulmelds

    Another Incarnate Soulmeld: much more effective at healing than Lifebond Vestments.

    Paladin Spells: most of these are useless for Archivists, which is good or bad, depending.

    Human Paragon Substitution Levels: includes a vestige based on Theodore Roosevelt.

    New uses for Sense Motive and Gather Information
    : exactly what it says on the tin.
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