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    Count me into one of these extended sigs. I'd have loved that the Compendium updated a bit more, but hey, the more I shamelessly self-promote the better, no?

    Blademaster - super-focused master of a single Martial Discipline.
    Dreadlord - spontaneous Necromancy specialist "profane" champion that slowly turns into a Death Knight. Or, "what would the Dread Necromancer be if it was forced into the Paladin chassis"
    Summoner* - a Conjuration/Transmutation spontaneous specialist who can summon up to nine beefed up creatures.
    *Note: intended for 3.5 only, hence original and not retooled.

    Bez-Kismet (Hexblade) - a warrior that defies fate, and alters probability through arcane magic and sheer willpower to do so.
    Healer - now with 150% more healing, 200% more buffing, 300% better healing and 500% more offensive abilities!* (*:Rough estimates)
    Marshal - toughened veteran with the extraordinary ability to make MEN out of wimps.
    Monk - the first in the Ki retooling series, this Monk is sure to give the old arts a run for their money! Now on its 2nd edition, with more options for the discerning builder. Also Monk Lite for those who want a less complex class.
    Ninja - the second in the Ki retooling series, this shadowy spy, assassin and overall badass is sure to shut up bright orange ninjas in their midst.
    Ranger - now with more stealth and tracking options, better combat styles and improved magic!
    Samurai - the third in the Ki retooling series; now with combat styles and sure-striking instant kill moves!
    Warlock - with improved invocation acquisition! Comes with free Channeler PrC.
    Warmage - now with 50% more firepower, 125% more battlefield control, 300% of damage potential, and less than 1% of the frustration of playing a blaster!
    Wyrmlord - an improvement to the Dragon Shaman that improves their auras of leadership and further emphasizes their draconic potential.
    Zealot - an extensive retooling of the Soulborn, using the divine champion chassis from Project Heretica in combination with the power of Incarnum.
    * (*:Rough estimates)

    Project Heretica - Paladins, Blackguards, Anarchs, Justiciars, champion-flavored PrCs, Avenger weapons, armor suits of Virtue, new spells for divine champions, and a discussion on the core concept of retoolings: chassis!

    Archetypes -- modifications to classes that form an entirely different playstyle
    Swashbuckler - a Rogue archetype that sacrifices skill prowess for improved combat prowess, using finesse and intellect rather than brute force.

    Prestige Classes
    Dragonfire Disciple and Dragonfire Theurge - Two prestige classes combining draconic invocations and arcane/divine magic! (Also available for Warlocks)

    Arcane Archer - one of the base PrCs from the Dungeon Master's Guide, now with improved arcane spellcasting ability.
    Arcane Fencer - one of the base PrCs from the Dungeon Master's Guide, now with actual class features. Comes in general or specialized flavor.
    Assassin - one of the base PrCs from the Dungeon Master's Guide, now with improved stealth capabilities and anti-spellcasting techniques.
    Bladesinger - the original Elven gish, now in a much more effective format! (Spells not included)
    Defender of Sealtiel - making justice to a class that should have been just as awesome as Fist of Raziel (hopefully, that is).
    Mystic Theurge - the original dual-caster, now with easier entry and optional level extension for real and effective dual-casting.
    Deity-specific PrCs - new and improved PrCs for Heironeous, Pelor, Ehlonna, Gruumsh, and others!
    Thespian of Many Roles - a retooling of the Master of Masks that uses method acting to boost the PrC to Chameleon-levels of jacking.

    Alternate Class Features
    ACFs for the Martial classes without Adeptness - providing options for old classes to enjoy the new features of the Tome of Battle without a need for dipping. (Note; use at your own risk)

    Feats for the Martial dabblers - felt that the feats in the Tome of Battle were not enough? No worries! Support for Incarnum, Psionics, Combat Form and Weapon Style feats included.

    Alternate Rules - a way to deal with the pesky rules problems of D&D in a clever and well thought format.
    Combat - deal with some of the issues in combat, including iterative attacks and special combat actions.
    Magic & spellcasting - work the rules of magic to reduce the power of some spells, turn others into invocations, and deal with the overall act of spellcasting.

    Deities of the absurd and the awesome! - Hot Blood! Evil Lawyers! Tonberry gods of death! Beautiful assassins! Mechas! And more gods that hardly had a chance to appear.

    Hippozoology - monsters with a strong horse theme.

    Coming soon: More classes! More prestige classes! Feat retoolings! Enhanced Combat Rules! HAL System!
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