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    Hello once again, thread.

    Wolfbane and I have been pondering starting yet another Defender-type game, with us as the defenders (he just can't get enough of it ). Rules would be similar, with a few differences (spoiler contains map):


    There is only one Defender Fortress, used by both of them, which is in black on the right, and the Attacker Bases are in red on the left. Dark red is towers, as always. I like to keep my maps consistent, color-wise.

    Most of the ground (lighter brown) is very rocky, making travel difficult, especially for vehicles.

    The darker brown is a much smoother set of dried-up waterways, linking the Defenders and the Attackers.

    The Defender Fortress is built on the side of a mountain, and the black stripe down part of the map is where the ascent begins.

    The Defenders only have one artifact in this version, with the following powers: Invulnerability (every other turn), Healing (every other turn), and Power Surge (gives a unit a 1-turn surge in attack power. two turn cooldown). The artifact is kept at an altar within the base, specifically at the yellow circle on the map.

    Finally, the main difference is that this game is a Veterans game. Unfortunately it is not open for new players, as half of a player's picks must be that player's picks from older games. The last half can be new.

    Happy is willing to GM, but given certain issues, we're looking for a secondary GM.
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