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    Default Re: Conquering the Fantasy Kitchen Sink - Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo!

    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 7

    Double development occurs at the Night-Blind Road, bumping up our Ryumaku by 2 additional points. This ends the turn.


    The Forest of Magic. A place where the sun did not shine, covered in darkness even at noon. And with the spores from monster mushrooms and miasma everywhere, it became a place which most human and youkai avoided. However, the forest was an excellent environment for magicians, and there was nowhere that Marisa Kirisame wouldn't live in. There was one other resident: the magician and dollmaster, Alice Margatroid.

    Alice's mansion stood in one of the few places in the forest where the sunlight could get through somewhat. It was there that Alice and her handmade dolls were spending yet another fine day.

    Alice: Hourai, could you bring a bit of that cloth to me? ...Yes, the light blue one.

    The doll called Hourai tottered back with the cloth in hand, just as Alice had ordered. The beautiful fold-up cloth was quite big for a doll to carry, and Hourai struggled to bring it over without wrinkling it.

    Hourai: .........

    Thank you...Was it too big for you? I'm sorry.

    .........*shake shake*

    Hourai shook her head at Alice's apology. Perhaps she was trying to say that Alice did not need to apologize.

    Alice's residence was home to several of her hand-made dolls that could move of their own will. Among those dolls were two special ones who were practically alive, and were given the cute names "Shanghai" and "Hourai". Though rather than being given life, they perhaps should be called quasi-living-beings. They took Alice's orders still, after all. Alice's dream of a fully autonomous doll was still far off in the distance. The ability to think and act based on one's own will...That day, Alice was once again working her way towards that goal of giving life to inorganic substances.

    Hmm...Doing that will make it move at least, but...a living doll...I wonder if it's really possible...?

    She had aimed to create a doll which acted on its own will for a long time. But even now, she wasn't able to make one as she liked. Turning dreams into reality would certainly take more than a human's lifetime.

    ???: .........*flit flit*

    As thoughts of the unpredictable future were swirling around Alice's mind, a doll different from Hourai suddenly flew towards her.

    Mm? What's wrong, Shanghai? What's the rush?

    The doll known as Shanghai was holding a letter as big as she was. She placed it right in front of Alice.

    Shanghai: .........*patter patter*

    My, a letter...? Who is it from?

    She looked all over the letter, but there was no sender marked. Alice suspiciously tore open the letter, removed the piece of stationery paper inside, and began to read.

    Let's see..."Gensokyo's War Battle 1 Participation Information"? Who's the author...Yukari Yakumo. So it's her.

    The things written within the form were extremely different from the one that Wriggle had received.

    That youkai must be really bored to think of such a trivial game...How silly.

    She continued scanning through the instructions. She got the gist of the contents, but had no plans to actually join in, and was about to throw the piece of paper away...until she read the last line.

    As if I have the time to join such a...such a...

    Alice's eyes fell squarely on that one point. Her eyes soon started to burn with anger.

    What...What is the meaning of this? Why would she put this kind of rule there...?

    Shanghai and Hourai looked worriedly at their master, whose mood was worsening by the second. Alice eventually noticed their concern, and put on a calm smile...which didn't look very genuine at all.

    ...Well, whatever...This feels like I'm being placed between a rock and a hard place... But if she's going to play like that, then I'll do the same!

    Alice then abruptly stopped talking, and shut herself into her study, leaving Shanghai and Hourai behind. The two poor dolls could only look at each other in surprise...


    Turn: 7
    Ouki: 4249
    Ryumaku: 11/23
    Actions Available: 2

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 24 RES

    Night-Blind Road
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 15 RES

    Enemy Territories:

    Faintly Dark Path
    Owner: Youkai Army
    General: Wriggle Nightbug (leader)
    Defense: 175/175

    Same situation as last turn, you know the drill.
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