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    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 9


    Reimu: Now now..There's nowhere left to run.

    Wriggle: Ugh...We know already!

    Heh heh heh...I'll make you regret ever picking a fight with me.

    Mystia: ...You didn't need to say so, I'm already starting to regret it.

    What are you saying!? This'll be a decisive battle! We'll show them the fighting spirit of the youkai! Mystia, Rumia! Let's go!

    M: We're doomed, why bother trying!?

    Rumia: Doo-med!

    Marisa: ...Man, it's hard to tell who're the good guys here.

    We go up against Wriggle, Mystia, Rumia, and one more youkai. Marisa and Souun aim for Rumia first to reduce her melee capacity, while Mystia attempts to mess with all damage output with her special ability.

    All resources and personnel were spent taking down Wriggle's allies, leaving only Wriggle herself to stand against us. In the end, we were unable to defeat Wriggle, but she was weakened enough to the point where her barrage of spells couldn't kill anyone on our side. Wriggle's poison effects triggered multiple times at the end, but with no more turns left for our side, the poison didn't get a chance to act.

    Even with Wriggle still standing, our victory was assured. We take the last territory, and dissolve the Youkai Army.


    The country was lost, as youkai corpses littered the landscape...Actually, no one died...But the Reimu-led army emerged victorious, and the Youkai Army soldiers scattered and ran, leaving their leader behind.

    Reimu: ...Now then~, how do you like that?

    Wriggle: Uuuugh...I-I still haven't lost yet!

    You've definitely lost.

    Marisa: Utterly.


    What happened to all your allies?

    I don't know, they probably ran away in all the confusion.

    They're youkai after all. And in the first place, this is the fate that awaits all who try to start a fight with me.

    So, whatcha gonna do with her?

    Fried or steamed?

    I don't think she'd taste all that good...

    Eeek, every insect will have her daaay!

    It's a joke, we're not that hard-up for ingredients.

    If we let her go, she'll probably try'ta regroup and fight us again. Since we already beat her, let's take her as a prisoner.

    That sounds good. And if she keeps resisting, we'll just have to eat her.

    I-I'll do as you say, so don't eat meeee!

    ...And so, the Wriggle-led Youkai Army that held such desire for revenge against the Hakurei shrine maiden disappeared from the stage.

    Wriggle Nightbug was taken prisoner.


    We end the day with Ayu continuing to develop, this time on the Faintly Dark Path. 6 RES was just enough to develop it once.


    Reimu: ......

    Marisa: .........

    It was another day to relax at the Hakurei Shrine, with teacup in hand. At least, it should be, but there was something uncomfortable in the air. And the matter providing the discomfort was obvious...



    How long are we going to let this be?

    It's not like I can do anything even if ya ask me...It's just...a bit of a bother.

    They could feel the glare aimed at them from behind a tree. She was probably trying to hide, but it wasn't very successful. Calling out to her didn't seem like it would make anything better either.

    She's looking at you, she must have some business with you.

    No no, she's definitely lookin' at ya.

    Ahh, geez! Okay, I know you're behind that tree! Just come out already!

    Her endurance for the facade had reached its limit, and she stood up and called out to the tree. After a short period of silence, the girl emerged from behind the tree.

    ???: ............Hehe, very observant of you to notice me hiding there.

    Observant? It was so obvious...Anyway, what are you here for, Alice?

    A smile started to form on the lips of the girl known as Alice. Her entire body was overflowing with a murderous pressurizing aura.

    Alice: What I'm here for? That's very simple...


    Alice took one deathly glance at Marisa, then turned back to Reimu and thrust her hand out at her. A single piece of paper laid on the palm of her hand.

    Reimu! Marisa! The "Forest of Magic Team" hereby declares war on you!


    Marisa yelped out in shock, earning yet another stare of ire from Alice. Alice's anger seemed to be aimed more towards Marisa than Reimu.

    H-Hey, whaddaya so mad about?

    ...Are you seriously asking?

    Ah...Uh, well...

    If that's how you're going to be, then that's even less reason for me to hold back. Prepare to be completely wiped out!

    With those parting words, Alice turned on her heels and left the shrine. The other two were left dumbfounded at the cyclone that had just entered and left the area.

    ...So it was you she was looking at, huh? Just what did you do?

    I didn't do anything...

    You have to have done SOMETHING for her to get that angry...Anyway, I guess we'll be fighting Alice now.

    At least we don't hafta go through the trouble of declarin' war ourselves.

    This whole thing is basically your fault, so make sure you take full responsibility for it.


    Reimu said a little more than she needed as usual, but Marisa took it with her usual optimism, seemingly thinking that everything would work out in the end.

    "Forest of Magic Team" has been formed.
    Magic Forest Entrance placed under control of the Forest of Magic Team.
    Magic Forest Border placed under control of the Forest of Magic Team.
    Magic Forest Interior placed under control of the Forest of Magic Team.
    "Forest of Magic Team" - War has been declared.


    The Human Village. The area in Gensokyo with the highest concentration of humans, and the area where most of them reside. Youkai also enter like anyone else, but they usually do not cause a fuss inside.

    The village sells many basic necessities, and is given protection by an elder youkai. All these qualities makes it especially safe for those without any special powers to live in.

    However, not all of the villagers are powerless. Such as the human...or rather, half-human, Keine Kamishirasawa. On that day, she was buried again under a mountain of paperwork for the school she managed. She compiled the history of Gensokyo as her everyday work, while giving lectures to the humans of the village about history. She was normally very serious and strict, but she became less uptight when alone.

    ...But on that day, at a time where usually no one was around, an unexpected visitor came calling, and she was quickly on full alert.

    ???: Hehe...A dignified scholar should not be yawning quite like that.

    Keine: ...Oh, it's you, Lady Akyu...Don't scare me like that.

    Keine answered as she wiped away a tiny tear from her eye. Keine would normally not let herself be seen even slightly off the pace in the public eye, but it was nothing new to her and her visitor.

    Akyu: Hello. Am I interrupting anything?

    I was just planning to take a break, so not at all.

    That is good to hear. Please excuse me, then.

    The girl known as Akyu went to sit beside Keine after her greeting. She was holding a sealed letter in her hands.

    If you're here to see me at this time of the day, I presume something of importance has occurred.

    Akyu opened the letter in response to Keine's obvious inquiry.

    You would be correct, actually...I encountered Lady Yukari just a while ago.


    The Eternal Night incident flashed into Keine's mind. That period was when Yukari and the Hakurei shrine maiden caused havoc everywhere, so it was natural for Keine to stiffen at a reminder of the incident.

    She left this sealed envelope with me, but the contents within are not something I can decide alone...

    Keine took the sheets of paper from the envelope from Akyu and started to scan through them. The phrasing was different, but it was generaly the same thing that Wriggle found...Information to join the game.

    Gensokyo War Battle 1, the winner will have any wish they have granted...What's this all about?

    That question is not one I can answer, unfortunately...

    Keine turned to face Akyu, wearing a worried frown on her face. It seemed Akyu wasn't able to figure out what Yukari was plotting either...

    Large groups can participate...and the approach is different from the spellcard rules. Is that youkai trying to involve all of Gensokyo in her whims again?

    Wrinkles started to appear on Keine's forehead. Letting a youkai get her way with every thought of hers was bad enough, but when it becomes an incident too...As the village's protector, she could not let this slide.

    What shall we do?

    We won't do anything. There's no reason for us to get involved in a game like this.

    Akyu fully expected Keine's reply, but she still had a very worried expression on her face.

    Hm? If you're making that kind of face, I suppose there's something more to the issue?

    Yes, earlier you mentioned...that she would get all of Gensokyo involved. Knowing Lady Yukari, she has probably distributed this letter everywhere already.

    ...So you think she'd get us involved whether we want to or not? We could just ignore it all.

    We could, but there is one detail that would not allow that course of action.

    ???: Ms. Keine, may I have a bit of your time?

    A voice emerged from the entrance, interrupting Akyu. The two of theme turned their eyes towards the door, to find several men standing there. Keine called out to the familiar-looking man amongst the group.

    ...How do you do, sir? Is something the matter? It's unusual to see you traveling with such a large escort.

    Village Head: My apologies for interrupting your work, Ms. Keine. Oh, Lady Akyu is here too, I see.

    Shall I make myself scarce? It appears you two have important things to discuss.

    No, do stay. I would like you to hear this as well, Lady Akyu.

    The man, who was apparently the head of the village, produced a familiar-looking sealed envelope. So familiar, that the two could've sworn that they saw it just moments ago.

    ...That would be...

    Yes, you see, this was given to me quite a while ago. I didn't recognize the person who gave this to me, but the contents were certainly surprising.

    ...Hm? You're holding something that looks awfully like this, Lady Akyu.

    ...Don't tell me the contents of that letter is...

    Oh, I see. You received the letter as well, Lady Akyu? Yes, whoever this person is, she must be planning something very strange indeed. I have decided to come here to discuss what to tell the young villagers...What do you think of the situation, Ms. Keine?

    Couldn't we just not play her game? We should not put the village in danger just for nonsensical games like these.

    Yes, that may be true...But I don't think inaction alone will work. Have the two of you inspected the map that came with the letter?



    Keine looked down at the sheets of paper she was holding, and her eyes locked on to the map among them. It showed all the designated bases in Gensokyo. Keine's face quickly darkened as she surveyed it.

    This means...

    ...That was the other detail I had wanted to elaborate on.

    Ms. Keine, as I'm sure you've figured out...We will be in the middle of the whole thing.

    The map was large, and split into east and west sections. The base right at the center of the map with the most amount of other territories next to it, was the Human Village. Which meant...

    So anyone who participates in this game will have to attack the village sooner or later...

    Keine felt a slight spell of dizziness, but quickly regained her composure. She had finally accepted that even staying out of the game would not let the village escape from it, and could only let off a sigh.

    Well, on the bright side, it seems that no real harm will come to the village, so we need not participate...But I believe there is a reason to do so...It as been something bothering me for a while, you see...This would be a good opportunity, if I do say so myself.


    To display the power of humans. There are many specialists in youkai extermination in this village, and the youkai are sure to pick a fight with us quickly. With the shrine in the state it is now, we can't count on it for protection. We must defend ourselves well, or those youkai are sure to look down on us.

    The shrine he referred to was the Hakurei Shrine. Due to the shrine maiden's knack of befriending the youkai she's suppose to exterminate, rumours of youkai occupying the shrine spread quickly around the village.

    Hmm...It's true that we have a lot of people who exterminate youkai just like how they attack humans...

    Because of that, I was thinking that we should form a self-defense force and proactively join the game, so I came here to hear your opinion on this matter.

    The many men behind the village head linked their arms and nodded as the head finished what he wanted to say. At the very least, they certainly seemed full of willingness and motivation.

    ...I believe that Lady Yukari predicted our way of thinking, and sent a letter to the village head in advance to facilitate the proceedings.

    So it's all going according to her plan...

    Keine was still hesitant, but she was starting to realize how the other villages felt. She didn't want to have things go as Yukari wanted them to, but it was going to be difficult to change their minds now.

    ...Alright, let's participate in this game. We'll be involved in the game anyway, so we might as well join it first. I will help to the best of my ability.

    Oh, your reply is heartening to hear. You don't have to be worried about us, we will be able to protect ourselves from any unwanted pressure from our enemies. Now then, there will be a lot of preparations to handle, so I shall take my leave now. Have a good night.

    Keine's agreement was indeed heartening, if the men's even more enthusiastic reactions were anything to go by as they left. Once the surroundings turned silent once again, Keine let off a loud sigh.

    ...Is this acceptable to you?

    I wouldn't be able to dissuade them even if I tried. I don't know what that youkai is planning, but I hope it won't harm the village too badly.

    I must apologize. If I had managed to stop Lady Yukari when she went to see me...

    She was meticulous enough to make sure the village head got a copy, I doubt you could've done anything...it's late, I'll take you back to your mansion.

    Please do not worry, I can travel back by myself. Thank you for your time today. Farewell for now.

    Akyu bowed politely, just as she did when she first arrived, then left back to her mansion. Keine watched her figure disappear into the darkness, then looked up towards the sky.

    Good grief...but perhaps this shows the flow of time. Long ago, youkai and humans were such enemies, that a game like this would be out of the question.

    That was something that no one knew better than Keine or Akyu. What Gensokyo had become meant that this form of frolicking was actually possible, compared to the past...Keine almost thought she saw Yukari's all-knowing grin in the starry sky, and quickly averted her gaze away from the sky and walked back to the school.

    "Human Village Corps" has been formed.
    Human Village placed under control of the Human Village Corps.


    The Youkai Army had been conquered, and the "Night-Blind Road" and "Faintly Dark Path" was under the control of the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu and Marisa then had to decide what to do next.

    Marisa: ...So, there're two ways to go from here. The "Forest of Magic" or the "Human Village".

    Reimu: We're already at war with Alice, so maybe we should handle that first?

    Whichever one we go for, we should concentrate on that one methinks. Though I've got no problems with a war on two fronts.

    According to the map, the forest has three bases that we have to take care of. The village will probably be much quicker.

    Well, I gotta say, I can't recommend goin' after the village right now.


    Marisa pointed to the map to answer Reimu's inquiry.

    Take a good look at the areas 'round the village. The lake that leads to the SDM, the thick Lost Bamboo Forest, the sunflower garden, and the border to the Netherworld. Once we take control of the village, we're gonna hafta fend all of 'em off.

    Ah...Yeah, I get it now. They'll all probably come to pay us a visit eventually.

    Yep. I'll leave the decision to you, though.

    With that, Marisa put her hands behind her head and leaned back until she laid on the floor, as if she totally lost interest. Reimu soon put the map away and followed suit.

    Whew...There's still a long way to go, huh?

    Are ya getting sick of it already?

    I've been sick of it from the start.

    Then what ya need is a hot bath. Go and prepare one for us.

    You...You have a hot springs at your house, don't you? Use that instead.

    I'm extremely sorry to say that ain't got a hot springs. It's just a pulse.

    ...Oh really.

    Pulses run all through the ground, through the bodies of living beings, and even through hot springs. That feeling of heat is proof of life, but to a philosophical Reimu, it was all starting to boil over.


    Turn: 9
    Ouki: 5451
    Ryumaku: 11/26
    Actions Available: 2

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 24 RES

    Night-Blind Road
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Faintly Dark Path
    Defense: 175/175
    Cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Enemy Territories:

    Magic Forest Entrance
    Army: Forest of Magic Team
    General: Shanghai Doll
    Defense: 180/180

    Magic Forest Border
    Army: Forest of Magic Team
    General: Hourai Doll
    Defense: 160/160

    Magic Forest Interior
    Army: Forest of Magic Team
    General: Alice Margatroid (leader)
    Defense: 210/210

    Human Village
    Army: Human Village Corps
    General: Keine Kamishirasawa (leader)
    Defense: 310/310


    Lots of stuff going on now. Remember that recruiting a prisoner doesn't cost us an action. We can't use a recruited prisoner on the turn they join us, but 4 characters might still be enough to win the first battle should we choose to attack the Forest of Magic. Alternatively, we can declare war on the Human Village should we choose to go that route.

    Huge update today. The floodgates have now opened.

    Akyu is so cute in this game, and I think she's one of the most sympathetic characters too. Also, Keine is cute when she's angry.

    Wait, did I just type all that?
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