Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 11

Deciding to spare three units to develop the Faintly Dark Path, we launch an assault on the Magic Forest Entrance with just four characters. However, these are four of our best. As this is only the first battle, we are met with little resistance; just a squad of generic dolls.

Even with less than the maximum number of units, we score a smashing victory. We defeat the mooks with no casualties and little trouble.

But that's not all! We were also treated to a pleasant surprise. They're not much, but it's still something.


Shanghai: ..........*flutter flutter*

The Shanghai Doll flitted around the forest. She wasn't aimlessly wandering about; she was actually performing surveillance. The miasma of the forest wasn't a problem for a doll after all.


The glint of a small, shiny object caught her attention. The object flitted about, as if it was inviting the Shanghai Doll to chase it.

Flutter flutter, flutter flutter, flutter flutter. With a suspicious twinkle, the shiny object continued heading deeper into the forest. The Shanghai Doll continued giving chase, entranced by it. Then...

The Shanghai Doll's body was suddenly entangled by ivy. The shiny object was actually a trap set by a tree. The tree had become a monster due to the miasma, and was awaiting its next prey.

"I'm gonna be eaten!" As the thought flashed through her mind, the tree simply threw the Shanghai Doll away. She had no idea what had just happened, but still pulled herself together and ran as far as she could.

She screamed soundlessly (as she couldn't talk), became teary-eyed (although she can't cry), and sped away back where she came from. Dolls should spend their time in happiness and not have to worry about being eaten, but this incident left an irremovable scar, and would be used as material to scare the other dolls during ghost stories.


Reimu: Alice kept referring to her army as "us"...I wonder who else is with her?

Marisa: She normally only has dolls with her. She's probably referrin' to those.

The dolls...? Isn't she the one controlling them with strings and such?

Some of 'em have a fair bit of autonomy. I think she's researchin' on how to make a doll that thinks and moves fully on its own.

So something like an artificial life form? That sounds way too ridiculous. Does she think she's a god?

That's what I think too...But apparently, people've seen dolls like that before. And someone we know has seen 'em too.


That head maid that's always there whenever I go take some books.

Take? Don't you mean "steal"?

It's not just about how it sounds, hey...Anyway, even people besides Alice have seen that sorta thing. Well, this is Gensokyo after all.

Thus, it wouldn't be weird if they really do exist.

Right. As far as I know though, she's still a one-woman-show, so she shouldn't be too hard 'ta handle.

People would normally react to a remark like that, but to Marisa, there wasn't anything special about what she just said. It may not be what people wanted to hear, but it was not something she particularly cared about.


Turn: 11
Ouki: 6856
Ryumaku: 13/29
Actions Available: 2

Our Territories:

Hakurei Shrine
Defense: 250/250
Cost to Develop: 24 RES

Night-Blind Road
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 9 RES (subsequent development costs 18 RES)

Faintly Dark Path
Defense: 175/175
Cost to Develop: 18 RES

Enemy Territories:

Magic Forest Entrance
Army: Forest of Magic Team
General: Shanghai Doll
Defense: 80/180

Magic Forest Border
Army: Forest of Magic Team
General: Hourai Doll
Defense: 160/160

Magic Forest Interior
Army: Forest of Magic Team
General: Alice Margatroid (leader)
Defense: 210/210

Human Village
Army: Human Village Corps
General: Keine Kamishirasawa (leader)
Defense: 310/310

Special Events Available:

Declare War: Human Village Corps
9 NEG is required to declare war.


String Doll - Not very strong, can't be used to develop. Low cost and decent starting level.
Special: Full Power Shot, a single high-power ranged attack. The user is stunned afterwards.
7 NEG is required for recruitment.

Fumi Doll - Not very strong, can't be used to develop. Low cost.
Special: (None)
6 NEG is required for recruitment.


One more thing: I'm thinking of spending some Ouki to level up our 3 strongest fighters: Reimu, Marisa, and Jack Sou. They each need 24 more exp to level up. It currently costs 10 Ouki for 1 exp. What do you guys think? Level them now, or wait one more battle and then level up?

I want to give Shanghai a hug...