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    Okie doke.

    I've been off the site for a couple of years and have only just realised this note existed now as i have again taken create interest in re-joining the community.

    About a year and a half ago i decided to rejoin the community and, since it had been a while, i had forgotten the exact name of my account (in part due to the mis-spelled, though moderately comical, nature of my user name). So i created a new account (user name: Lossarim).
    I then shied away from computer use for some time and recently came across a book containing my old passwords. Naturally i chose to us the older account as it is some what more impressing.

    So, now i have a couple of accounts in need of merging.

    Could the Mods please be kind enough to merge the accounts of Gorbad the Limb Rippa and Lossarim together, preferable making the unified name Lossarim.

    Many thanks for the time.
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