Oh hey, not a doublepost this time .
Sorry about the lateness here. Whilst i technically did not subscribe to a weekend update i feel a bit bad for taking so long.
Here you go:

The character is from this show: TTGL opening on Youtube.
Still some rough spots to finish off, but presentable for the moment.

There were a few technical issues, primarily with getting the cape to set right and the sword holding arm took a few steps (sword -> upper torso -> arm up to elbow -> cape -> arm up to hand -> hand+sword), so there was quite a bit of waiting involved . Also had to work with a different brand of light clay, this one a bit more prone to forming cracks.
I took a slight artistic liberty with the design, but i won't say what. I'll confirm it though if someone calls it out (Cue millions of flaws besides it being picked out .)
Will be painted next weekend, though i already slightly dread painting the tattoos and the Gurren Brigade emblem on the cape, not to mention the flame pattern .

So, how did it turn out?