Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 13

Another typical day. We start by developing the Night-Blind Road, then send in our best fighters against the Magic Forest Border. The dolls there put up a pitiful fight. Usually, after the general of a territory gets defeated but before the army itself falls, the general has maybe a 50% chance of appearing in any battle you fight in that army's territory. However, Shanghai was a no-show here, so this battle was easy.

With only three generic dolls in our way, we made short work of them and won a sound victory. Sometimes, it's actually harder to score a 100% victory when there are fewer enemies, because the battle % bar goes up for each enemy defeated, regardless of how many are actually available.

Our victory should draw out Hourai next time. Maybe Shanghai will even join her.

Didn't have enough members left over to recruit String Doll, I probably should have just used 4 to attack, in hindsight. Oh well, it can't really help in development anyway, so I guess that's not too big of a deal. Interestingly enough, this is the first day to not have any cutscenes. Can you believe it?


Turn: 13
Ouki: 7765
Ryumaku: 14/33
Actions Available: 2

Our Territories:

Hakurei Shrine
Defense: 250/250
Cost to Develop: 24 RES

Night-Blind Road
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 18 RES

Faintly Dark Path
Defense: 175/175
Cost to Develop: 18 RES

Magic Forest Entrance
Defense: 180/180
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Enemy Territories:

Magic Forest Border
Army: Forest of Magic Team
General: Hourai Doll
Defense: 160/160

Magic Forest Interior
Army: Forest of Magic Team
General: Alice Margatroid (leader)
Defense: 210/210

Human Village
Army: Human Village Corps
General: Keine Kamishirasawa (leader)
Defense: 310/310

Special Events Available:

Declare War: Human Village Corps
9 NEG is required to declare war.


String Doll - Not very strong, can't be used to develop. Low cost and decent starting level.
Special: Full Power Shot, a single high-power ranged attack. The user is stunned afterwards.
7 NEG is required for recruitment.