Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 14

First off, we develop the Magic Forest Entrance once, thanks to the efforts of Ayu and Souun. Next, it turns out that partial negotiations work too, so Fumi Doll shaves 3 NEG off of the cost for String Doll. Finally, we attack the Magic Forest Border using our remaining 5 members with the intention of capturing today.

Hourai's team goes down fairly easily. I was hoping to see her cast Artful Sacrifice, but she never bothered. That thing can be either good for us (in that using it nearly kills Hourai), or completely devastating to us, depending on when it's used.

A smashing victory gives us control of the Magic Forest Border. However, our victory celebration was short-lived. While we have accomplished much today, we've exhausted all available units, leaving no one ready for Alice's surprise counterattack.

The Magic Forest Entrance was hit, taking out a good chunk of its defense with no defenders to help out. It could have been worse, though; fielding just a few weak characters and suffering a major loss could cost us as much as 100 DEF, so this loss is bearable for now.

We have two options as to what to do here. We can continue onwards undaunted and lay siege to the Magic Forest Interior, where Alice stands. Alternatively, we can shore up our defenses and drive back the invaders at the Magic Forest Entrance. Defeating Alice will cause her to give up her current claim on the Entrance, and Alice needs two more successful attacks on the Entrance to take it. However, to take the Interior, we'll need at least 3 turns, assuming we win every battle (and Alice will be the toughest enemy faced yet).


Turn: 14
Ouki: 8718
Ryumaku: 14/37
Actions Available: 2

Our Territories:

Hakurei Shrine
Defense: 250/250
Cost to Develop: 24 RES

Night-Blind Road
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 18 RES

Faintly Dark Path
Defense: 175/175
Cost to Develop: 18 RES

Magic Forest Entrance
Defense: 100/180
Cost to Develop: 12 RES

Magic Forest Border
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Enemy Territories:

Magic Forest Interior
Army: Forest of Magic Team
General: Alice Margatroid (leader)
Defense: 210/210

Human Village
Army: Human Village Corps
General: Keine Kamishirasawa (leader)
Defense: 310/310

Special Events Available:

Declare War: Human Village Corps
9 NEG is required to declare war.


String Doll - Not very strong, can't be used to develop. Low cost and decent starting level.
Special: Full Power Shot, a single high-power ranged attack. The user is stunned afterwards.
4 NEG is required for recruitment.