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    Hirokatsu Goto, Vice Captain of the 9th Division


    Goto Hirokatsu (family, given)

    Vital Stats:
    Gender: Male
    Age: 649
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 165lbs.
    Has dark black hair tied back in a kind of traditional short pony tail off the back of his head which goes upwards, with big long black eyebrows and a long moustache along with a slight curled and turned up chin beard. Grey hair has started to invade his temples and moustache and eyebrows.
    Has skin which has been tanned quite dark before, though has faded over time to be somewhat less than tan due to his Shinigami duties keeping him indoors.
    Light blue and almost silvery in hue
    Dark black thick reiatsu which is heavier than normal for those in its presence
    Vice Captain of the 9th Division


    Traditional Shinigami male, wears a short black haori with a purple inner lining over his short sleeved black Shinigami robes, which both cover tattoos on his upper body and arms showing images of beautiful women, flowers, fresh fruit and other things which embody the concept of “vanitas”. He wears his Vice Captains badge wrapped snugly around the left side of his white Shinigami belt. He carries an open Japanese umbrella (Bangasa) whenever he goes outside day and night, keeping the umbrella tilted in such a way that it occludes his eyes and face from whomever he chooses He is never found without sheets of paper and pen+ink/pencil inside of his robes.

    He is rarely seen rushing anywhere, yet is never late for anything. His voice is soft and smooth, yet no one ever mishears him. He has beautiful eyes, yet hides them from all but a chosen few people. When not on a mission, he can be found doing paperwork in his Division barracks, in the Shinigami Archive, at the Shinigami Academy teaching courses (including "Paperwork and the Art of Note Taking", "Advanced Calligraphy"), or at his family’s residence in the Rukongai 15th District training his family members. It is rare to find Hirokatsu taking personal time for relaxing with others, as he is not a very social man, and it is even rarer to find him training, he works very hard to keep his Zanpaktou training private.


    Hirokatsu is an embodiment of familial duty and brings that characteristic to his duties in the Gotei 13. He values trust and loyalty over most any other thing and while laws can be changed, they are to be followed until that time. He demands respect and honor for himself and of his subordinates onto others and will not often let even the smallest moment of disrespect go unpunished (especially when referring to the way in which Shinigami refer to their superiors). He is very intelligent and spent time on Earth before he entered the Shinigami Academy, though much of it outside of Japan.

    He did not join the Shinigami Academy until later in his life while in the Soul Society per his familial dogma, so was and is very more aged than most of his peers in his Academy class. His desire for organization, truth and accuracy led him to being promoted from the 1st Div. to the 9th Division Vice-Captaincy where he has worked diligently with his new Captain to make the 9th Division and its reconnaissance duties efficient and forward thinking. As head of the Goto family (not a noble house, but a respected one) he also carries much responsibility and care for his own family and their well being, to the point where he still travels to the family residence each month to deal with family business.

    Hirokatsu will never be found drinking or eating anything that did not come personally from his family’s homestead (he carries tea and small foods with him in his pockets). He also is rarely seen being treated by the 4th Division when receiving injuries, choosing to heal on his own unless the situation is dire. A constant fear of poisoning and/or trickery has led Hirokatsu to be less than trusting when it comes to his personal well being, something which can at times seem hypocritical for someone who demands such trust from his subordinates and peers.


    Hirokatsu Goto is a typical and yet not so typical member of the Goto family (a very highly respected non-noble family within the Rukongai’s 15th District whom keep to themselves for the most part). While he on the one hand is much like all the other male members of the family (for some reason no women from the Goto family ever make it to SS), receiving many years of training in the their family’s residence waiting in line to become the next member of the Goto family to be in the Gotei (the family has strange dogma concerning membership in the Gotei only allowing one member to be in it at a time), but on the other hand he is very unlike many of the others as his spiritual power is much higher than any other in the Goto known history, which has helped get him rise to Vice Captain (no other Goto members achieving a rank that high ever).

    He knows little to nothing of his time on Earth before coming to Soul Society, and he was found by his family on his first day he appeared in Soul Society. He trained for 300+ years at the Goto residence in subjects like; law, history, etiquette, basic physical and combat training, spiritual awareness, tactics, writing, etc., before advancing in his family’s line of succession to the Gotei 13 to 2nd in line where he was given a Goto family ancient gift. This gift is of access to a special Senkei Gate, communication device, and special Reiatsu hiding Gigai, which has been passed down through generations of the Goto family and is to be used by the 2nd in line (only), to travel to the Earth realm to study and observe until they are to move to the 1st in line (having to report in every day with the communicator and physically come back once a month). This gift was given to them by an ancient and powerful Captain Commander of Gotei 13, who had a connection to the Goto family and would often use them for guidance during his reign (many believe the high respect the Goto family still retain comes from this ancient relationship).

    On Earth, Hirokatsu traveled far and wide for about 50 years, not spending much time in Japan, until a tragedy occurred killing the 1st in line and the current Goto Shinigami which forced Hirokatsu to be moved straight from 2nd in line into the Shinigami Academy. On Earth Hirokatsu learned of this before a communication was sent out because a Japanese umbrella he was holding in his hand got extremely heavy, and as Goto legend says “the spirit of the Goto family passed on” (which has something to do with an ancient relic of the Goto family which lies hidden in a secret place within the Goto family residence that stores the collected knowledge, experiences, and even personality of each Goto family member while they are in Soul Society) of the, which into Hirokatsu and his Zanpaktou (which became the umbrella as he did not carry a sword on Earth for it to pass into).

    Being rushed back to Soul Society and into the Shinigami Academy was a frantic and painful moment in Hirokatsu’s life but he soon rose above it. He excelled greatly in most courses at the Academy, and despite his social insecurities (being much older than the others, and arriving midterm) he finished his schooling in about 1+1/2 years, which is a testament to the Goto family education he received. He struggled in Kido more than many, but as was the case and still is this case to this day, Hirokatsu found ways to excel despite whatever deficiencies placed in front of him (such as him being considered a “prodigal master” of Bakudo #4 Crawling Rope despite his ineffectiveness in most other Kido).

    He graduated into the 1st Division (like every other Goto family member before him), and worked hard in his duties, going above and beyond more often than not. After many years of hard work, he was promoted to 3rd Seat of the 1st Division, upon which his family celebrated him deeply culminating in him being named the Head of the Goto family. After this promotion Hirokatsu, became much more assertive with his observation and training with his Cpt Commander and Lt, learning as much as he could about leadership, as well as getting to know the rest of the Gotei 13 officers and various dignitaries (a unique and positive byproduct of being in the 1st Division).

    After many years in service to the Cpt Commander and the 1st Division, Hirokatsu began to eye the vacant 9th Divison Vice Captaincy (due to the 9ths Recon and Intelligence duties, being very enticing to Hirokatsu), and while he never out loud shared his desire to move up into that spot, his tireless work, attention to detail, leadership qualities, and combat skills were validated to be worthy as he was thus promoted to the position to serve under the Captain (name here).

    Hirokatsu has served many years as Vice Captain of the 9th Division, continually striving to keep it moving forward and become more efficient. He happily does practically all of the paperwork for his Captain, and motivates the lower seated members to keep up with theirs as well. He allows no disrespect of his Captain to be made, and is quick to reprimand any Shinigami whom shows it in any way. Hirokatsu continues to be a model Shinigami in the Gotei, balancing familial and Gotei duties with an outwardly apparent ease. While few have negative things to say of Hirokatsu, some Shinigami fear Hirokatsu and his fellow recon/intelligence officers and the seemingly endless amounts of eyes and ears they have in the Seretei. This has led to Hirokatsu not being invited very often to social events and a general air of worry or suspicion exists when others are around him, this of course becomes a rather positive side effect for Hirokatsu and his temperment.

    Zanpaktou "Goto"

    Zanpaktou Spirit:

    The form of "Goto" is that of a human-like form wearing an impossibly black cloak which extends far behind like a watery shadow, which reaches out and darkens the area all around it. Underneath the cloak is a bright yellow-white light, which radiates out when and where the cloak is open, the face and body areas are where it is often seen to radiate. Two small black slit eyes can be seen in the light near the "head". Goto is much faster than it seems and has no constant solid form, begin able to collapse into the ground and then reform in other places. Goto strikes with its cloak which as often as it is pliable and soft, can be hard and sharp as well.

    Goto first spoke with Hirokatsu in a very strong tone, though as Hirokatsu trained their conversations became calmer as Goto came to realize Hirokatsu was fulfilling his potential in power and mind. Though as they spoke more at length Hirokatsu came to learn he could communicate with the past members of the Goto family, using Goto as a conduit to speak through. (This communication only achievable after intense training and focus, resulting in the Goto spirit allowing Hirokatsu access to the ancient Goto family relic which contains the collected shared knowledge, experience, personality of each Goto family member during their time in Soul Society. Also, this information seems to degrade in its ease of access as time passes, the most recent members being easier to communicate with and the more ancient the less easy and the less information being able access, all of which depending on the power level of the user trying to access it).

    Inner World:

    Hirokatsu's Inner World is a bleak white place devoid of all color, a vast expanse with no hills or inclines. It is an infinite expanse allowing for no perception of distance travelled or time spent, only a high white sun against a white sky at the top of its path (like high noon) could be seen, though no matter how far travelled in the world the sun was still at the top of the sky. The only "form" in the expanse is Goto himself, whose voice can be heard at any point in the world.

    Early on Hirokatsu was not sure Goto had a form at all, but after much time spent in the inner world searching the seemingly empty place he came across Goto. Goto explained how he was always close form the first time he entered the inner world, but only after Hirokatsu accepted that the ends of finding Goto was not the point of the inner world, endeavor TO search was the point, and once this was apparent to Hirokatsu would Goto appear, who appeared by slowly closing his black cloak around the sun and floated down, the white sky being the inside of the cloak, this then revealed a black sky filled with stars offset against the white ground.

    Sealed state physical appearance:

    More than any other characteristic, Hirokatsu's zanpaktuo "Goto" in its sealed form, a traditional Japanese umbrella (Bangasa), is undeniably Hirokatsu's most identifiable trademark. Goto is a family Zanpaktuo and as legend says, its core spirit is passed down from one user to the next, though is itself unique to each family user in every way (powers, strength, manifestation, etc).

    While the umbrella is its primary look, and as such functions as a typical umbrella, the Zanpaktou's blade is hidden in its hilt and is housed in the shaft of the umbrella making it serve as an unconventional sheath. A small skull adorns the hilt of the umbrella/sword and the double edged blade itself is slender and has a flat sharpened tip. The structure of the normally wooden umbrella is a pale bone material with an extremely durable (never seen to be break or flake) black rice paper top with a white edge.

    The shadow the umbrella casts is strangely darker than normal, occluding Hirokatsu’s facial features and eyes especially, something Hirokatsu emphasizes often for effect. While rare that anyone else would be underneath it, if so they would hear very faint almost eerie voices speaking indiscernible words.

    Sealed state fighting style:

    Hirokatsu rarely fights and only in the rarest of cases has he even drawn his sword. His fighting style when in sealed form is one based on surprise, speed, and effectiveness. When in its closed form, Hirokatsu uses his umbrella like a wooden practice katana (Bokken), and is often seen in his barracks practicing sword techniques with his umbrella closed. When he would have his umbrella open, he would tend to use it more like a shield, using its large surface area to block and deflect attacks. On the very rare occasions where he will draw his sword from the umbrella's hilt, Hirokatsu will fight in a very light and almost acrobatic way, using his umbrella as a balancing tool at times giving him the ability to strike from odd angles. A two handed fighting style, whether opened or closed, his "sheath" umbrella would be in his left hand and is used for parrying and blocking, while his long slender double edged sword is used for offense.

    A signature move (insert fancy name here) Hirokatsu perfected, is when he will use the drawing motion of the umbrella opening up in front of an opponent as a screen for pulling out the blade in the hilt, which Hirokatsu would use to strike with before the opponent knew he had drawn his blade.

    Sealed state special ability:

    Other than being extremely durable as an umbrella, the Goto spirit also made the umbrella serve another purpose for Hirokatsu. As many would know, Hirokatsu, whether in daytime or night time would keep his umbrella over his head, and many believe that this is just a curious quirk of Hirokatsu, but in fact he did this for a very important reason. Hirokatsu’s umbrella is the sheath for his Zanpaktou, and as such it is a part of his Zanpaktou and its powers. Even in its sealed form it carries a unique qualities/power.

    The power it has is the ability to help focus and direct Hirokatsu’s spiritual pressure, and instead of keeping it inside him all the time Hirokatsu has learned that he can release his heavy spiritual pressure freely around him, and if his umbrella is open above him, it will not spill out onto anyone else. Hirokatsu uses this as a kind of ongoing training for himself (it does not conceal all of his reiatsu and as such he is sensed normally by others but only as a fraction of his total power). Much like wearing weights on your legs to build strength and speed, Hirokatsu uses his heavy spiritual pressure under his umbrella to do the same with his whole body. Hirokatsu’s high Hoho is thought to be result of this, as well as his slow pace in normal situations. He also uses this change of pace in weight and speed difference as a combat tactic.

    When the umbrella, is closed Hirokatsu can control his spiritual pressure as would any other Shinigami (indoors Hirokatsu always keep his umbrella shut and controls his reiatsu normally), however he has shown the ability to let it be loose and use his Reiryoku to control it in various ways.

    General Skills:


    As a Vice Captain of the Gotei 13, Hirokatsu’s prowess with the sword is at a high level compared to most of other 1000’s of Shinigami, but compared to other Vice Captains he is not of the upper echelon with regards to pure swordsmanship, and tends to use his other skills or talents/tricks to diminish this inferiority on the battlefield. He tends to look for small effective strikes with his sword rather than use brute strength to take down an opponent, something of which Hirokatsu is definitely lacking in.


    Hirokatsu has minor skill with hand to hand combat, and only his high spiritual power tends to enhance his skill in hand to hand combat. While being unarmed he is of little combat use outside of his limited kido talents, he is rarely found unarmed and his high degree of skill with his closed umbrella as a cane or stick weapon makes up for his lack of hand to hand combat skill in times where a sword's edge is not needed.


    For all his limitations in other abilities, speed is not one for Hirokatsu. Though it would be tough to believe due to the slowness with which Hirokatsu walks and moves in general, Hirokatsu is perhaps the one of the fastest Shinigami in the Gotei, eclipsed only by Captains and perhaps a few others. His shunpo tends to not leave even a blur when he moves with it, and dust remains practically unmoved by his speed (depending on the perception skill of those viewing). He is able to surprise and strike those of similar rank and higher even at in their heightened state of awareness during battle. (basically he is as fast or faster than other VC's and potentially faster than a very slow Cpt)


    Hirokatsu’s skill with Kido has always been something he strived to better himself at, though through all his past and continued hard work at it, he struggles to this day. Still a master of Bakudo #14 “Crawling Rope”, as he was in the academy, he is far from a master at all but the most basic Kido techniques. He has the knowledge and spiritual pressure to perform all the highest Kido spells, but he lacks consistency with his incantations and control of them so he is wary to attempt them. It is a sore subject for Hirokatsu and one he tries his hardest to rise above, going as far as requesting private lessons from the Kido Corps to help him.


    While Hirokatsu often gives off a demeanor of frailty or gentleness, being a Vice Captain his spiritual power is vast and heavy at times, yet he has shown a remarkable control of it and perhaps an even greater acute sensitivity for it.

    Hirokatsu has shown a greatly heightened ability to control his Spiritual pressure outside the normal use. Hirokatsu is able to control it and use it in its raw state (manifested as a thick black rain like reiatsu) in a variety of ways, such as: using it to press down on the shoulders of lower ranked Shinigami to punish them for disobedience, using it to strengthen his voice for emphasis, and even once in a small barracks fire he expanded his spiritual pressure around him and pressed down on the air itself to extinguish the flames by pushing the oxygen out of the area.

    He has also shown an extremely high sensitivity to Reiatsu, being able to sense subtle changes in it within his immediate vicinity and even over vast areas when in deep focus. He has shown the ability to sense out the comings and goings of individual Shinigami when needed (if close enough), though this ability seems lessened greatly when such individuals are less known by Hirokatsu (i.e. the more he has been around you the better he can sense you).
    (to do this Hirokatsu must be still and focusing, the exact distance of this is somewhere around 2.5miles out in a direction from his standing point, if moving it is cut down to 1/4 the distance and in a run it is 1/16th, due to not being able to concentrate clearly enough when moving. Also, at the sensing information received is more clear the closer the individual is to Hirokatsu, at the extreme distances it will always be vague.)

    Hirokatsu spends much of his personal time in training in this endeavor, often standing at the Barracks window with his eyes closed reaching out to the Seretei feeling out the changes in spiritual pressure ebb and flow.



    “Bring forth the aid of the heavens…Goto!!”

    Shikai state physical appearance:

    After the command phrase is said, a flash of heavy black reiatsu comes crashing down over Hirokatsu enveloping him with a deep boom for a short time then the darkness would dissipate slowly to reveal Hirokatsu and the new form his Zanpaktou has taken.

    “Heavenly Protection”(shield)
    Swirling black reiatsu will remain for a few moments longer around his left forearm where his umbrella “sheath” once was held; instead a shield of bone is now seen. In the center, a large flat skull extending from wrist to elbow sits. Protruding equally around its edge are 1ft long bones with a small skulls at the end of them. The brownish colored bones are somewhat gnarled and uneven though do not look brittle, the deep black eyes and mouths of the skulls seem endlessly deep.

    “Heavenly Redemption” (sword)
    Swirling reiatsu swirls around his right hand and dissipates to reveal the new form of his blade. Held backwards normally (blade against his forearm), the Goto Zanpaktou has changed from a long and slender flat ended sword into a very short, flat ended, wide blade extending just past his elbow in length. About 6 inches in width, yet extremely thin, it look like a rectangle sharpened on all four sides as it sits in its boney handle/grip. A rather unnerving look, it likens itself more to a meat cleaver than a traditional sword. The handle/grip are bone just like the bones on the shield on his left forearm, a small skull adorns the hilt the total length of the grip being around 1ft making the entire sword around 2+1/2 ft long.

    Shikai state fighting style:

    Based on the Okinawa Kobudo weapon, “Tinbe-Rochin” or (small shield and slashing spear), the fighting style Hirokatsu employs while in this form is one based on speed, endurance, agility. Small, fast strikes, combined with deflecting and quick counter attacks is the means by which Hirokatsu fights most of his battles. Striking appendages, as well as the neck and other vital areas with small cuts is Hirokatsu’s normal style as it suits the unique power of his Zanpaktou. He uses his speed to stay away from large foes then uses his endurance and shield to absorb and deflect attacks, and finally using his quickness to make quick strikes in vital places.

    While this is his main fighting style, Hirokatsu will employ a more traditional fighting style if the situation dictates. He rarely trains his division members while in his Shikai form, though when a student has shown the need for that type of training he will oblige. It is rare for Hirokatsu to even go into his Shikai state let alone use its unique power.

    Also of note is that Hirokatsu tends not to wear his black haori when in Shikai, removing it before hand, usually folding it neatly and handing it to a subordinate to keep safe. Though he has been seen to remove it quickly as a means to conceal his movement or surprise his opponent. As was stated earlier, his under Shinigami robe sleeves are cut very short towards the shoulder, which furthers his flexibility in his fighting style while in Shikai.

    Shikai state special ability:

    Hirokatsu’s Shikai ability is one of uniqueness in the archives of zanpaktou powers in the Gotei. His zanapktou is “family” based when he talks of it to the few who would be allowed to hear of it, but the matter of truth to it is that his zanapktou is a “time” based zanpaktuo, and the Shikai ability it reflects that.

    When the Zanpakuto strikes a foe the first strike is nothing but just that, a first strike of whatever strength however minimal. However, each subsequent strike after that is where the true power of the Goto Zanpakuto exists. As the 2nd strike connects, it connects just as the first strike did, at whatever strength large or small on the foe. However, as the 2nd strike connects, the 1st strike will re-strike the foe without Hirokatsu having to do so physically, a simple one inch deep cut to an arm for the first strike becomes a two inch deep cut on the second hit, etc etc. The 3rd strike much the same, except when it strikes both the 1st and the 2nd strike will re-strike the foe. This continues with each subsequent strike until the foe is vanquished or retreats beyond the reach of Hirokatsu’s spiritual power.

    In essence each strike no matter how small can become deadly. Hirokatsu needs only make any strike to recreate earlier strikes. This power is one which allows its foe to see the pain of their actions, to see the consequences before they continue. The enemy must constantly be reevaluating their course of action, do they choose life by retreating or continue and to almost certain death and dismemberment. Hirokatsu has trained to endure a long battle, his shield on his left arm can allow for even more protection, he has the agility and speed to make small cuts, and as such has learned for himself that he can endure the pain of watching someone kill them-self through their own course of action. It is a rather painful and brutal Zanpaktou, one that uses the power of the “family” to basically allow him to recreate his own history on a foe as long as the present continues its course of action.

    For example:
    Hirokatsu sees an Arrancar, and makes a quick 1inch cut to his neck, only a scratch for the beefy Arrancar who recognized it was no killing blow and thus believed his opponent weak. Then as Hirokatsu’s next strike is deflected to only nick the upper leg of the Arrancar, the 1st strike re strikes on the same spot as before, that 1 inch cut now being two inches deep. Grasping his neck he thinks Hirokatsu having tricked him, and attacks wildly. Hirokatsu takes the brunt of the attack on his shield, and stabs up through his shield only striking very lightly on the forearm of the Arrancar. In a burst of blood from his neck, the 2 inch cut is now 3 inches and his upper leg wound has now deepened. Slowly figuring out what is happening the Arrancar now has a choice, continue and let his 8 inch thick neck and thus head be cut off in only 5 more weak strikes, or retreat and rethink his actions as hollow.

    “Cleansing” a soul takes on an additional meaning with Hirokatsu’s Zanpakuto power, one of redemption. Destroying the Arrancar is a necessary end if the foe is unwilling to reconsider its choices and cleanse itself. For as brutal as this power is and can be, it is also perhaps the most compassionate and fair power to its foe.

    ("high speed regeneration (*and healing techniques) is able to negate some of the cumulative damage, depending on how fast it is while hierro is applied to each physcial strike and/and-not the 'cumulative damage'")

    Bankai: "Goto"

    Zanpaktuo Bankai state physical appearance and fighting style:

    -the weapon will be a large (maybe 12ft tall), arm bone, which is pretty much dull, though it has rough edges so a jagged rough cut could happen if struck right. It has the ball joint on one end and a bone end on the other. On one end is a long two stranded piece of black ribbon or material


    -a ghostly apparition of a large middle aged man (the large armbone is his arm bone for size) would surround him

    -he will fight with it mostly using the okinawa kobudo "Eiku" or (oar) style of fighting, which is basically a form of staff fighting. But he would also use it as a big two-handed sword as well
    ------EIKU 1
    ------EIKU 2
    ------EIKU 3

    Bankai state physical appearance:

    -After saying "Bankai" in flash of black energy pouring down from above. His Shikai form will disappear revealing Hirokatsu standing holding a large arm bone vertical like a staff which is much taller than himself in length. He will also be wearing no shirt at all and only the pants of the Shinigami uniform (possibly tighter leggings..i havent decided)

    -Hirokatsu will look like he did when he was roughly 18-22 years old looking, with a very clean shaven face (maybe a really short mustache/goatee) and short hair.

    -Along with his youthful appearance, his hands and feet will be dark black up to the ankle or wrist where it will fade to a normal skin tone

    -His skin will also look very bone like

    Bankai state powers:

    Bankai state basic powers:

    -heightened speed, strength, blah blah blah like everyone gets

    -his bony skin will act like a "hierro" or some similar style of skin bone armor

    -the longer he is in Bankai the more of his body will grow blackened, once it engulfs his whole body he will revert back to Shikai. (looking as he did when he went into Bankai)

    -he will also age as he stays in Bankai, as he approaches the limit of his Bankai he will look closer to his age when not in Bankai

    -the parts of his body which are blackened are not protected with that "hierro" type bony armor.

    -As he gets better with the Bankai the blackening will take longer to encompass the rest of his body ,as well as the beginning points will be less (from finger tips)

    -I think of this whole time limit thing like Toshiro's diamond indicators on his Bankai form, or Ikkaku's Dragon thing kind of

    Bankai state special ability 1 (Father's Hands):

    --As opposed to pure bone breaking, i decided to make this a bit more "aging" and "time" related, a gradual effect. Think of it as Barragan's spewing aging black mist thing "lite". The effect still has the ability to be a demoralizing type of effect from a strike, making the opponent rethink their desire to fight. It is similar to his Shikai form but much more absolute in its effects.

    --When the bone weapon strikes an opponent it will instantly age and crumble whatever it touches (confined to the bone region of where it strikes, therefore if i strike the upper arm, it will only effect the area of that upper arm)

    --This effect is limited by the layering of what is on that spot. The layering as i see it is as follows (from innermost to outermost):
    Hierro (if applicable)
    Clothing (all clothing is one layer) (if applicable)
    External armor (if applicable)

    --example--Hirokatsu strikes his Arrancar opponent's exposed upper arm with his Bone weapon. Beyond the damage it would inflict based on the strength of the strike, it would also instantly age and crumble to being non-existent the hierro covering the upper arm of the Arrancar revealing the skin below. After more fighting, the bone then would strike the upper arm skin exposed area of the Arrancar which would cause for the skin to instantly age and crumble to dust and expose the muscle underneath. Continuing on this would happen to the muscle exposing the bone, and then when only bone is left exposed, it would destroy the bone rendering the opponent armless.

    --so all areas of the body would have at minimum 3 layers of protection if a bone was underneath it (ears only have skin and muscle no bone i guess) before absolute destruction (skin, muscle, bone)...and at most 6 layers...if for some reason you are struck in the eyeball...then just as if someone struck you in the eyeball with a would be gone, so i see no problem with this

    --normal damage does apply as the big bone weapon is gnarled and has little rough edges, so blunt force trauma and tears due to such a strike still effect the user if the strike lands

    --this does not age or effect Zanpaktuo... a hand held shield or something serving as a shield over the body (if not part of a Zanpaktuo) would be destroyed as if it were the "Armor" layer.

    --this ability does not work on objects not being held or on the body of someone (so it doesnt work on a wall someone is hiding behind, unless they picked up a piece of the wall and held it over their head as a shield)


    Bankai state special ability 2 ("Mother's Embrace"):
    --When holding the bone upright next to him (maybe grasping it with both arms like holding onto a merry go round post or something), he would be enveloped in the ghostly form of a woman embracing him (the arm being the arm of a beautiful woman for size).

    --When in her embrace he could not attack or use the first ability in any way, he would not be able to move much but could talk though not cast Kido

    --He would be very tough to harm when using this ability

    --while in her embrace he would heal very rapidly (any kind of physical injury, not psychological injury though, unless it was caused by physical trauma)

    --However the longer he was in the embrace, he would physically age very he cant stay in for very long

    --Due to using this ability that it physically ages him faster in his Bankai form (therefor pushing him closer to reaching his Bankai limit and therefor kicking him out of Bankai)

    --the rate at which he can heal himself using this ability is the speed at which the injuries can only be healed halfway if used to the extent at which the Bankai ends due to it aging him in Bankai to the point where he can not stay in Bankai any longer (basically giving him the ability to heal himself from any injury to the point of healing it halfway, as well as the additional expense of losing access to his Bankai form for the day)

    --The healing is always subject to the extent of the injury, the severity of the injury does not take precedence...(so even if it is only a scratch it would still only heal him half a scratch if he used it to the maximum, though eh could choose to only heal it partially...see next point below)

    --He could use it less than the maximum, if he wanted but only in increments of 25% (so if he had a 4 inch scratch on him, using 100% of the ability and therefore a 50% healing making it into a 2 inch injury would kick him out of Bankai because it would age him to the point of his current age)...(or if he wanted to only reduce the damage to 3 inches it would mean using his ability at 50% which would allow him to stay in Bankai after completion but would age him to the point where he had only 50% left of what time in Bankai he had left after healing it to that degree)

    --this all comes down to he has the ability to mend his wounds not entirely recover from them, and even maximum use of this ability only heals him 50%

    --He can only use this ability once per 2 days, no matter the amount he has used it for

    --When leaving Bankai form he would return to his current age

    --***-- (this is not required but i thought it might be interesting) i thought if he wanted to use this ability to heal past 50% of the damage it would require him permanently aging at an extreme rate (something like if he wanted to get to 75% of his wounds healed it would take off another 25% of his remaining life, 100% healing would require 50% of his remaining life...since age is so hard to determine and additional expense of this would be the permanent reduction of his strength and speed by 25% if wanting 75% healing, or 50% if wanting 100% healing......i believe this would be such a dramatic cost it would not be used at all except in a case of such heroic...and therefore plot important or centered...reasons which would result in the necessary cost being such a horrible thing may happen where he needs to be at full strength to save the day and has no other option...he may choose to sacrifice his future for the immediate...even at the cost of his future effectiveness...again, only a major and important storyline event type of behavior)

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