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Thread: Statuary Gardens (Figurines)

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    Alright, looking forwards to it .

    So then. It is time. To rise up. To the CHALLENGE /blood-temperature

    Here we go:
    A spearman made mostly to try out making an embossed shield:

    A daemon, just because :

    A ghoulish type:

    A Hunter of witches & vampires alike:

    A city guardsman:

    And a knife made in response to an open request:

    So, made the deadline handily i'd say. Didn't count in Kamina up there because of 'Not Finished(unpainted)'. These are practice figurines, so non-permanent like the Golem i presented in the Challenge thread, and thus won't be painted anyway.
    If any of these trip the doodle-alert, let me know, okay ?

    Edit: spearman is 10 cm not counting the spike, demon 11cm at the tip of the horn, ghoul 9cm, city guard 10cm at the helmet's crest, hunter 11cm at the top of the hat, knife ~29 cm long.
    I'll put some sort of reference object in the future pics, thanks for the reminder .
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