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    Alias: Lord Aleksej Baghatur

    Gender: Forgotten after nearly 1000 years of shapechanging

    Race/Species: Vampire of the clan Tzimisce

    Age: Just short of 1000. Alex knows its nearly survived a millenium, but isn't yet a Methuselah

    Alignment: Oh dear. Alex basically doesn't operate on the same moral scale as humans. For all intents and purposes though, it tends to act in a NE, or CE, manner

    Class/Profession: Currently an assassin

    Power Rating: About A odd

    Description: Alex has no fixed form, and has forgotten what it used to look like. It tends to go for tall and beautifully androgynous, with very pale skin, and weird but alluring bone protrusions. Hot in the same way a daemonette is.

    Personality: Alex has lived for 1000 odd years, and seen nearly everything. It stopped thinking like a human 7-800 years ago. It stopped thinking like a vampire 3-400 years ago. It is becoming more bored and apathetic over time, and constantly seeks for something new to entertain it. Recently it decided that being an assassin with rules and a code of conduct may be more entertaining than wanton mass murder. It is a sado-masochist, as all ancient hedonists are wont to become. It tends towards emotional dead outside of hurting, fleshsculpting, and killing things. It considers itself an artist.

    Equipment: Wealth.

    Abilities: Now we're talking! Three parts here.

    (Vampiric condition:) Alex operates under Vampire the Masquerade rules, modified to be more NEXUS friendly. It is essentially immortal and unaging unless something kills it. It is burned by sunlight and fire, and feels a deep urge to flee the later. It can improve its physical capabilities at will. A stake through the heart will paralyse it until the wood is removed. However, all of it's other organs and bodily processes are vestigial. When it rests, it appears as a corpse, and must sleep in soil of it's native land. Antagonising it too much may cause it to flip out and frenzy.

    (Disciplines:) In mechanical terms, Alex has around 6-7 in Vicissitude, 5 Dominate, 4 Auspex, 4 Animalism, 3 Potence, 3 Fortitude, 3 Celerity, 2 Obfuscate, and possibly others. In order, this means:

    Vicissitude: Gives powerful flesh and bonecrafting, on itself and others. other than simply manipulating form, provides a winged warform, the ability to turn into a sentient mass of vitae, acidic blood (alien style), and the ability to gift someone with a sort of degenerative flesh rot.

    Dominate: Gives mind control effectively, up to including complex conditioning and possession. Requires Eye contact

    Auspex: Gives massively heightened senses, aura perception, limited divination, and telepathy

    Animalism: Control over beasts. Gives the ability to speak to, control, summon, and possess animals.

    Potence: Supernatural Strength

    Celerity: Supernatural quickness

    Fortitude: Supernatural endurance

    Obfuscate: Gives the ability to become unnoticeable while not attaracting attention

    (Skills:) Alex is a master mimic, able to imitate almost anyone it has observed. It is a very skilled combatant in a variety of styles. No real experience with guns or modern technology. Pretty good bank of knowledge, although it spent more time killing than learning.

    Backstory: As if it would tell you. It is old, and bored, and likes killing.

    Miscellaneous: Dunno yet
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