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    Base Classes:
    Soul Weaver - Warlock-ish Incarnum Base class
    Metamorph v2.0 - Shapeshifter base class

    Prestige Classes:
    Master Generalist - Like the Master Specialist, but for Generalists (because they rock).
    Mystic Theurge Fix - a Theurge that doesn't make me cry at night
    Archmage Fix - It's the Archmage for crying out loud, IotSV shouldn't be preferred to this badboy.
    Archpsion - Archmage for Psionics (and not that crappy WotC one)

    Compassionate Mage - Arcane healing ACF
    Passing Grace - Paladin Spell
    Telepathic Creature - 0LA template
    Some of the Improved Monster Classes - Check 'em out because they're all awesome.
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