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    The difference with the warlock, DFA, and wizards' flight is that all of them have something to do once they're up in the air. With no ranged attack abilities, simple weapons only, and cleric BAB, this guy isn't exactly raining death from above - a sling bullet every round or a crossbow bolt every other round isn't exactly amazing.

    If anything, this guy seems kind of underpowered until Student Of The Odd kicks in, and even then he only catches up with particular very front-loaded monsters. The main saving grace would be a potential boatload of natural attacks, but I'm not sure he's sturdy enough to slug it out. Maybe if there's a monster progression that grants Pounce early on, but I don't remember one off the top of my head.

    Is there a reason he can only take the natural armor Anatomy once? For that matter, is there a reason he stops getting Anatomies at 9? He starts getting Aspect Of The Odd at that point, but honestly I'd rather have more Anatomies.

    While I'm thinking about it, is there a reason his monster class progression is so tightly limited in terms of maximum "levels" gained? Any abilities he picks up would be long past the point where they're level appropriate anyway, so all this does is restrict him even more to the most front-loaded monsters.
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