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Well, at the least I think a character who gets a Student Of The Odd ability that supercedes a previous Unusual Anatomy bonus should get the Unusual Anatomy refunded and get a new pick out of it. Of course, this also comes back to the "not enough Unusual Anatomy options" issue.

An odd idea I had, influenced by noticing some similarities to binder pact bonuses, would be giving the Student Of The Weird a class feature that lets him once per day spend some chunk of time (presumably during the party's "spell prep" block, ideally a bit too long to do conveniently mid-dungeon) and rearrange his Unusual Anatomy.

Possible Unusual Anatomy perks that came to mind with that are +5 HP, Improved Natural Attack for an existing natural attack, darkvision (although they'll likely have that from one of their monster picks anyway, just about everything has it), water breathing, short-range blindsense (possibly requiring already having the darkvision perk active), and +10' to an existing movement type. Other than the first two, these are fairly specialized but become more appealing if you're setting them up in anticipation of a particular need for them; the same applies to the existing energy resistance perks. With the added flexibility, it also seems more reasonable for Unusual Anatomy progression to stop so relatively early, but maybe that's just my personal weird tastes.
These are worth considering, I'll check them over and see which ones I like.

Anyhow, off the subject of my particularly farflung ramblings, two main things that come to mind. First, it would probably be worthwhile to have for Student Of The Odd a note that ability calculations using HD in general (with the exception of monster spellcasting, which is just weird) use the Student class level, since that closes the questions that come up for weird edge-case abilities and yield values all around that are in line with the normal calculations for DCs and power effectiveness at a given level.
Already incorporated that.
The other is that natural attacks' damage should probably be scaled appropriately to the Student's size. Although it is amusing to imagine a human trying to attack with a wee tiny little imp stinger on his backside.
I assumed that that was already the case