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    Maxios Baxterdofski

    Alias: White Lantern, Dumbass, Spy, Tommy Vercetti*

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 26 (was 25 during his first appearence in 2010)

    Alignment: Chaotic Good. Without the demon trapped in his soul**, he's Lawful Good.

    Class/Profession: Fighter/Spy/Superhero

    Power Rating: Without power ring is 5. With power ring or with arcane abilities is 6. With power ring and arcane abilities, it's 7.

    Description: Maxios is a white male with shoulder-length brown hair (to get the exact idea of how his hair looks like, look at Omnitopia: The Playground) and blood red eyes (bright yellow without the demon trapped in his soul). He's 5'9 and is 178 pounds. He has somewhat big feet, and has a trick thumb. Most of the time, he wears a black leather jacket over a White Lantern Uniform. The other part of the time, if he wants to be stealthy, he wears clunky and rusted Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor***.

    Personality: Maxios, for the most part, is sarcastic and has a short temper (making diplomacy extremely hard). He's also quick to come up with stupid loopholes. Maxios is also foolhardy to an extreme; and even if outnumbered a million-to-one in battle against unbeatable foes, he would not surrender.

    Equipment: Maxios almost always carries a Halo-brand energy sword, a flashlight, an IPhone 4000 (really just a IPhone 4 that Maxios scribbled three zeroes onto), and a White Power Ring.

    Abilities: Maxios has a strange disease that prevents him from feeling pain. He won't even know he's really injured unless he passes out. As such, he tends to believe he's invincible and has made up a story about a magical artifact that granted him this ability. Maxios is also fairly agile and an adept swordsman. Maxios also has a White Power Ring granted him a collage of powers, including Flight, Construct Creation, X-Ray Vision, and other things (to really get the full grasp, see the page on Wikipedia about the Green Latern Power Ring).

    Backstory: Maxios is very, very, secretive about his past. Since his debut, he's joined HALO, spied on AMEN, be banned from operating as a hero in Inside, hunt for treasure in the Desert of Doom, create LANTERN, get a Ninja Pirate Zombie as a Butler, get a demon trapped in his soul, become the arch-enemy of Mercury, have an alternate version of himself called the Courier come to the Nexus, get killed several times, be cloned, fight said clone in an arena under AMEN, get cloned again, investigate the apparent murder of Mercury, and get trained in the arts of magic by Mercury. But not in that order.

    *-He plays GTA: Vice City a lot
    **-Discussion of which is great party talk, at least, when Maxios isn't around demon hunters
    ***-It's a long story involving LANTERN's activities getting banned in Inside, and Maxios coming up with a loophole that if LANTERN members join the Brotherhood of Steel, they can operate inside it.
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