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    We have two sets of characters in our beta testing group. Since PvN allows characters to cross class pretty easily, I'll list our groups names, main factions and a brief description of our play style.

    The PCs

    Frederick Forge: Craftsman. Gentleman Craftsman of Words and Maker of the Reading Railroad, an indestructible steam train/car that serves as his Craftsman's forge and gets the party from place to place. Party Tank and alternative damage dealer.

    Dr. Raptorstrike: Dr. Inja. Sardonic Doctor of many talents. Alternatively the party healer and buffer, glass cannon or secondary tank depending on the circumstance.

    Tallahassee Rose: Lucky: A dodgy, brawling, adrenaline junkie gypsy.

    ******** Ned:Gunnarr: An ill-tempered gun-toting pirate who often sets both friends and enemies on fire with explosions and wide swaths of gunfire.

    So we were tracking down this guy called the Essential Alchemist who was acting as an arms dealer in the area and causing a lot of trouble.
    We had a lead to a town called Killfrost and had a choice to take a safer but longer path or a ridiculously dangerous short cut. Tallahassee, being an adrenaline junkie, insisted that the party take the ridiculously dangerous path.

    Not long into the trip, the train has to stop because of a fallen tree on the road. Thinking something is up, the party sends out Tallahassee to check things out. She makes the precision check and warns the party just before the monsters attack. Eight raptors pop out of the woodwork and attack the party. We scribble our actions on our cards, roll our reactions and the battle gets underway.
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