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    Default Re: Conquering the Fantasy Kitchen Sink - Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo!

    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 21-22

    Mayu became an ally.

    After buying out Marisa's stock of items, we launch further attacks on the Road of Reconsideration over two turns. Targetting Komachi with full force each time, we were ready to take her down without any complications like before.

    No casualties, and a strong victory with minimal damage taken on our part.

    Our next battle was a little tougher. This time, Komachi did find the opportunity to strike with Higan Ferrier. Luck was on our side, though, and we emerged unscathed.

    In the end, we managed to take the Road of Reconsideration. One more act of development ends the turn.


    Komachi: Lady Shiki! They beat me...

    Eiki: ......

    ...You're angry, huh?

    Did you go easy on them?

    Of course not, I always do my best for everything...as long as it's not too hard.

    *sigh* ...If that was really true, then I would have learned to expect more from your work.

    If I REALLY try my hardest, I might be able to do better than usual, but it isn't something that can be sustained. That's why I'm always going at normal power. I can keep going for longer periods that way too.

    Is your usual procrastination of work part of your normal power output as well?

    Er, no, that's just...stamina recovery.

    My goodness...You use a little too many excuses. It appears you have not heeded my warning to correct yourself.

    Wahh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

    ...Let's leave that for another time. What's done is done. You shall now deploy along with me.


    You will also continue your ferrying work.


    That should not be something to be surprised over!

    Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!


    Muenzuka was a place where purple cherry blossoms fell, and released the deceased from their doubts and wanderings. On a normal year, the cherry blossoms would have stopped falling, yet they continue to bloom. It was a place where humans dare not wander. Yet, Eiki's lone figure stood there solemnly. Her stoic expression hid what she was thinking, yet seemed even more dignified under the hail of cherry blossoms.

    Eiki: Reincarnation, where spirits free from the ties that bind them arrive before me...No, they would be ferried across the river first. Yet, there are those who die without relatives, or those who cannot cross the river. If they were still alive, perhaps I would have judged their sins then.

    Yama generally only judge the spirits of the dead. However, Eiki's character led her to search for those before her eyes who still had a chance, and attempt to cleanse their sins before they die and go to hell. When one who bore such a heavy sin was so close to her, she would not be able to pretend not to notice it.

    It has still gone unnoticed...If she does not learn to appreciate the ones around her, such a large sin will surely crush her after she dies. It would be best if she could be made aware of this matter. Yet...

    A swirl of anxiety can force one to hide their heart. Even a Yama may not be able to do anything for a single persistant spirit like that. But even so, Eiki would not just leave it as that.

    This would surely be how she intends to resolve her fears regarding youkai. Moderation is indeed important, but no one can truly live alone. If that is something that she will only realize on her deathbed...Then I must correct her before that happens.

    She was not talking to anyone, or expecting anyone to listen. She simply spoke to herself as she looked up to the sky, obscured by cherry blossoms. The bewildering colours were a mirror of what she now felt.


    Turn: 22
    Ouki: 6259
    Ryumaku: 23/50
    Actions Available: 2

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 24 RES

    Night-Blind Road
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 18 RES

    Faintly Dark Path
    Defense: 175/175
    Cost to Develop: 27 RES

    Magic Forest Entrance
    Defense: 180/180
    Cost to Develop: 12 RES

    Magic Forest Border
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 21 RES

    Magic Forest Interior
    Defense: 210/210
    cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Road of Reconsideration
    Defense: 190/190
    Cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Enemy Territories:

    Human Village
    Army: Human Village Corps
    General: Keine Kamishirasawa (leader)
    Defense: 310/310

    Army: Higan Guard
    General: Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (leader)
    Defense: 215/215

    Special Events Available:

    Declare War: Human Village Corps
    9 NEG is required to declare war.

    I wasn't going to say anything until we've committed to our attack on the Higan Guard, but I know from experience that if you declare war on the Human Village first, you'll quickly get a cutscene where Shikieiki condemns the attack on the village as unjust and immediately declares war on you.

    In other (somewhat related, given the plot) news, I beat the game's bonus boss today!


    Barely managed to snag the win at my level, but it was so sweet. The fight is absolutely epic, with seven increasingly difficult phases, a sweet remix, and a spectacular ending.

    This will make an awesome epilogue. But that will take a while...
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