Well, I might as well start this off by naming a character and rattling off the stories they have brought. So, let's start with the low point party, since Kiroth6 has already named the high-point party. (By the way, I play Raptor Strike in that group. A Dr. Inja / Shoninja. More on him later.)

When you talk about our lower point party, there are two names that are bound to appear. So, to start off my stories, I will say a few things about the face of the low point party. The Rokinja whose name and attitude are cannot be done justice in a text format such as this. I mean the One, the Only (thank God), the Awesome

Indigar VanSplosion!

Why did I do that?

Anyway, Indigar is your standard rock star. A list of addiction flaws a mile long, inversely proportional to the guy's precision score. The guy has a following, though, and not even Sirens have managed to resist his charms (thanks to freak dice rolls). We've even run into a fangirl problem. Specifically, one very obsessed fan-girl named "Thousand Cuts" who thinks the party's Wandering Minstrel is going out with the target of her, well, obsession.

The low-point party's standard tactic is, when they want to try being smart, to load Indigar with enough offensive teamwork buffs to rip out a decent portion of someone's life, and then just launch him into a Power Slide that, as time has gone on, has been combined with things such as Liquid Thunder and Pose And Explode, as well as the ability that he just acquired the level 6 version of: "God of Rock".

While going on the road to KillFrost, the safer route compared to the one Tallahassee took the high points on, the party encountered a T-Rex. In a moment that let this Rokinja shine, VanSplosion jumped onto the monster's back and started performing the Final Countdown. When buffed by the rest of the party, it wasn't much of an issue for him to keep dodging and dealing exponential damage.

This character has taught us beta testers a few things. 1: Power Chord is a deadly ability, and if a Rokinja manages to hit you with it you might as well give up on avoiding damage from the guy. 2: Even a character as awesome as this may end up having trouble if the player is having a hard time coming up with stunts. 3: Nothing stops Indigar from trying to pursue the Siren that got away.

Seriously. Its like some kind of fanfiction of Moby **** where Ahab never lost his leg, was a rock star instead, and the author is trying to, forgive the pun, ship him with the Siren that attacked his ship with a whale.

...Probably should have known that book's title would get filtered.