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Suprise! Raptors Attack

Six raptors attack Tallahassee and two attack Ned with deadly dinosaur hit coordination. Kurosawa corollary puts them at a -1. Tallahassee dodges most of the attacks but the ones that take off a quarter of her life. Ned starts shooting but gets pretty mauled. This pisses Ned off so he decides to use Black Powder Leap to get away and blows up the raptors around him. The raptors and Tallahassee. This draws off most of the raptors who maul Ned into unconsciousness.

Raptor Strike comes up with a quick plan to boost the party and creates a some clones with Me and My Shadow. While Forge is hurling damaging insults at the raptors, the clones run out suicidally, heal Ned and Tallahassee and burn themselves out before the turn is up. Ned gets up, flips the raptors the bird and knocks himself out with another Black Powder leap. Two raptors survive and run into the cart to attack Forge and Raptor Strike.

Raptor Strike exits out the window and Forge activates Infinite Sword Jobs trapping the remaining raptors and essentially ending the fight.

And that's how we got a brand new pair of raptor pets.